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planners | 2024

Discover the ideal layout for your planning needs with our 2024 planner collection. Select from two thoughtfully designed page layouts (weekly, week & notes) and start organising your days, weeks, months and year.

week & notes planner

One full week is displayed on the left page, while the dotted right page provides space for weekly tasks, to do lists and random notes, for more flexibility.

weekly planner

One week stretches across two pages, leaving you with plenty of space to plan each day in detail. If your days are busy with fixed appointments, this is the planner for you.

the 2024 planner bundle

Have the ultimate planning experience with our exclusive 2024 planner bundle, a curated collection of essential tools designed to empower you in organising your year ahead.

Choose from our seven leather colours and pick your best suited size [pocket] or [xl].

flexible planning with

the timeless planner

Undated and ingeniously structured, the timeless planner gives you the freedom to start, pause and continue planning and organising your life at any time of the year.

the timeless planner

The all-in-one solution for those who seek freedom, style and structure in a calendar.

Available in [pocket] and [xl].

the timeless planner bundle

Organise your business & personal life whilst remaining creative, productive, and stylish. Choose from our seven leather colours.

Available in [pocket] & [xl].

still planning 2023?

get your planner 2023

planners | 2023

The ultimate paper companion you can rely on to keep you organised and on top of tasks, letting nothing stand in your way.

Select from two planner layouts:

- weekly

- week & notes