we've created the perfect tools

structure your life in the most creative and flexible way

the DoJo system is here to combine your creativity while bringing structure to your tasks, goals and logs.

Enjoy a flexible paper companion which you can shape exactly to your needs with the help of a two books and stickers to guide you.

designed to go with your leather companion

inspired by bullet journaling

Bring structure to your life while still having the freedom to express your creativity. Plan, track, and measure your goals with the versatile DoJo system, inspired by the art of bullet journaling.

need more inspiration?

watch the video tutorial

See the DoJo system in action and get inspired by Johanna's approach.

ready to bring structure to your life?

here is how to start

To ease your way, we've carefully designed a thought through system especially for you. From the essential books to the perfect set of stickers. Begin your adventure confidently, with all essentials right by your side.

the DoJo system explained

yearly overview

For your goals, plans and milestones you'd like to reach. Use the DoJo book | 48 and the yearly sticker set to create your yearly overview.

monthly & weekly overview

Create a month and week at a glance spread to jot down important appointments and birthdays you shouldn't miss. The DoJo book | 112 combined with the monthly and weekly sticker set are your perfect partners for this.