2022 in review

This year was full of surprises, ambitious projects, and new encounters.
It was a rich and unexpected year.

together with Ukraine

The year took a distressing turn when Russia attacked Ukraine. Our web developers, with whom we have been working for more than 8 years, are located in Zaporizhzhya, in the South of Ukraine. We have been on Arthur and his team’s side all this time.

It was clear from the first day of the war that we had to help them. Together with Ukrainian designer Julia Obostka, our printing company, bookbinder, paper producer, and designer, we launched a “for Ukraine” edition of our notebooks. 100% of net sales were donated to projects supported by Arthur and his team. The projects supported include helping refugees from Marioupol, reconstructing the military hospital in Zaporizhzhya, and purchasing protective clothing, night lamps, and secure radios for the Territorial Defence Units.

We remain committed to do whatever we can to help our friends there!

new team members

The core of paper republic is the team. This year, we’ve welcomed four fantastic new team members.

Meet Anna!


Anna is now in charge of the administrative support for the entire company and she’s also leading the corporate gifts team. If you want to get our products personalised with your logo for your company, she’s the one to contact.


Johanna has taken over customer support and is in charge of making sure all of you get the best customer experience possible. If you have any questions or comments, you can drop her an email at wecare@paper-republic.com.


The leather production team got a new member, Carmen, who is working tirelessly to produce the best portfolios and leather accessories for you.


Susie, who is working remotely from Canada, is now in charge of content writing and newsletters in English. You may already have received a newsletter or two from her!

This year was our 10th birthday as a company.

paper republic evolved from a one-man company in a shared office space to a 25-strong team with more than 80.000 customers.

To celebrate our birthday, we went on a trip to Venice and Florence all together to meet our friends and partners from our tannery.

le shop

If you have been to Vienna, you have may have heard of it. We opened le shop, our very own retail space at the heart of our Vienna HQ. This is the best place to discover all our products in person, get your personal embossing, meet the team, and have a look at our workshop – and to have a coffee or a beer with us!

new horizons

As the world started to open up slowly after 2 years of pandemic, we decided to strengthen and develop our relationship with selected retailers. Topdawer, our partner in the US, is now distributing paper republic in exclusivity in the US in 15 top-notch locations, including New York. We have also added new retailers in Norway, Spain, Belgium, and France. If you know a shop where you would like to find paper republic products, give a shout to Ranee, our social media and retail manager.

new products

2022 was a very productive and innovative year. We launched a range of new products that have already become paper republic best-sellers: le loop (the magnetic pen-loop), le nomad (the travel pouch), le sleeve for MacBooks, four new 2023 planners with a new design, our beloved book refill series in the [pocket] size, the contact sheet refill, and 3 special leather editions. What a year!

new website

The core of our business model is to produce everything ourselves and to sell it directly to our customers, without middlemen. For this, we rely on our own webshop, which is, as you may have noticed, brand new.

From Singapore to San Francisco and Stockholm, we fulfil on average 3.000 orders a day. Our new website gives us the ability to present you our products in the best way possible with an improved customer experience. You can now purchase our products in virtually any currency and browse in three languages.

If you like it or have ideas for improvement let us know!

your own custom companion

You’ve asked for it. We’ve done it.

We launched l’atelier back in November and we are overwhelmed with the success of this project.

L’atelier gives you the opportunity to request your very own customised leather companion and gives you access to limited-release items. Whether you want a portfolio in 3 different leather colors, a leather journal in a custom size, or a leather book cover – if you can dream it, we can make it!

We’re looking forward to new amazing projects, people, and partners in 2023.

Stay tuned 😊


Yours faithfully

Jérôme Bacquias

Founder & CEO