meet Steffi

the creative mind behind your paper republic l'atelier custom creations

leather as the perfect medium to express my creativity

Hello, I’m Steffi!

You’ve surely already seen me or my work on our Instagram page, and probably hold dearly one of my creations if you ever got a custom leather companion from l'atelier.

I find in leather the perfect material to express my creativity and create unique companions, to fit your unique needs. I enjoy crafting these quality and elegant companions thanks to leather’s malleability, durability, and, for our lovely Vachetta leather, sustainability. The latter being a main concern of mine, and paper republic, as you must have read in our blog or newsletters.

Being the person behind so many l’atelier custom requests, my own collection also holds some unique and interesting creations of mine.

Take a look and discover more about my paper republic collection.

leather companions tailored to my needs

Along my years at paper republic, I built my collection with one objective in mind, to assist me in my workflow to craft the perfect companion you need. Thanks to my passion for leather crafting, I tailored myself unique leather companions for that mission.

my work companion

I use my lovely natural grand voyageur [xl] every day to dream, sketch and plan your l’atelier requests. I fit one of our 2024 planners to stay organised and up to date with the many custom creations I work on. Its simple and complete layout allow me to easily keep track of every aspect of the projects I work on. Alongside my planner, I slide in a drawing book to sketch and prepare each project in detail. Both refills lay-flat open feature is a much needed comfort for me to be accurate and precise when designing the ceation.

You can also see my beloved grand voyageur in more detail in this episode of people of paper republic !

unique companions for my unique needs

To complement my leather journal and help me in my work for l’atelier, I can count on some of the unique companions of my collection.

I use one of the first le loop prototypes to always have a pen at reach, so that I never let any idea slip out of my mind. My leather journal always carries another prototype: a bookmark. This way, I never loose track of the current project I’m working on. I also have an extra use for both my le loop and bookmark: I use their strong magnets to occasionally attach loose papers to my journal’s cover. This makes for a perfect makeshift whiteboard!

let’s celebrate and cherish uniqueness together

I think the most special part of my collection doesn’t lie in the unique prototypes themselves, but in what they represent: it’s their uniqueness that make them stand out and fulfil a specific need. And I believe that this makes them even more loveable and elegant.

That is something I always keep in mind when working on your custom l'atelier requests, to craft a loveable and unique new companion for you to fully enjoy. I can’t wait to work with you on creating the next perfect companion to help you in your everyday life!

Greetings from Vienna,


l'atelier mastermind