paper republic

What makes you get up in the morning? Most likely the alarm clock, and more realistically a long list of things which need to get done. But I bet you always find time in the day to dream.

And so, the real question is: what do you dream about doing?

What things do you keep thinking about, but haven’t yet done? What's holding you back?

Lots, I'm sure. Yet, sometimes there is nothing holding us back but the worries inside ourselves.

paper republic leather journal drawing book

It's good to have a little fear, but it should only be used to propel us forward, not hold us back (unless you’re sitting at the edge of a cliff, maybe).

It should be only an information signpost, a guide to help you on your way - not a chain that prevents you from doing the things you want to do.

But what can you do in the face of it all?

Try writing down one thing you want to do, and see what happens from there. 

My biggest fear is not doing the things I love, so here I am trying my best to do it.

 paper republic xl leather journal card and cash holder

While sitting here drawing I dropped the pencil you can see (as I wasn't using a pen loop); in most situations it would hit the floor, but here it disappeared down to the body of water, and I really had to stop the grabbing instinct and just let it go.

There are a lot of things of which we should let go.

 paper republic xl leather journals

Yours in dreaming,


Everything Digital Officer

p.s for those who are interested in patinas: I use a chestnut [xl] I've had for over a year which is treated "badly" and has aged nicely into its current dark colour, and a newer, usually "indoors" petrol blue [xl]. I have an extra ribbon in both to hold 3 notebooks. But recently with the addition of the 2021 planner and drawing book, I find it easier not to hold them in with a ribbon - simply close them within the leather cover and let the external closure ribbon hold it in place with the pressure. It usually works well as I take them out and lay them flat. My chestnut [xl] has a pen loop, my petrol blue doesn't...bye bye, pencil.

paper republic leather aging patina