customer happiness comes first

We were tired of low quality notebooks. So, we decided to create the world’s best notebooks and organisation tools to make peoples' lives easier. We love what we do, and our super nice team love interacting with our customers.

It's why we have over 100,00 happy customers worldwide. Below you can see just some of the things our customers have to say about paper republic and our products.

"It took me 12 grand voyageurs to complete my first novel."

Join Alfredo Zucchi, writer and publisher, in a literary excursion about secret jobs, writing, hidden Viennese bars and fishes. His first acclaimed novel, La Bomba Voyeur, has been published in Italy in April 2018. He is also the co-publisher of the online literary magazine Crapula Club. 

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Join Alfredo Zucchi, writer and publisher, in a literary excursion about secret jobs, writing, hidden Viennese bars and fishes. His first acclaimed novel, La Bomba Voyeur, has been published in Italy in April 2018. He is also the co-publisher of the online literary magazine Crapula Club. 

paper & beauty

We believe in authenticity, beauty and style. Our notebooks and journals look good, feel wonderful and smell amazing. We want them to be your lifetime companion, your confidant, and your trusted friend.   
Treasure your memories on our natural, extra-smooth Swedish writing paper. Feed your imagination with our fragrant leather, tanned with plants, herbs and wood, from family-run Italian tanneries. Explore the world with a travel companion that gets better with age and is made to last a lifetime.  
Our world may be slowly moving away from 3000 years of paper-based history, but we believe that paper has a tremendous future: as an expression of culture, art, beauty, uniqueness and tangible reality, be it as a book, a notebook or a newspaper.  
We trust and believe in paper. Join our republic!   

our commitment 

respect & authenticity  

We believe that a business has to be based on values to create value – for its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and for society as a whole.  

At paper republic, we are committed to respect & authenticity. We aim to respect our environment by creating products that are made to last and are crafted from sustainable and natural materials. We respect our customers, suppliers and team members and treat them as partners of our republic.   

We want to craft authentic products: goods with a story and soul. We want to know and be transparent about the origin and composition of the materials we use. This is our mission: to do all things well.

the making

we do the hard work

We design, craft, prepare, personalise and ship all our products upon order from our base in Vienna. We believe in the good of doing things ourselves – and when we cannot we  work with the best and nicest people around.  

By producing as much as possible in-house and avoiding middlemen, from production to sales, we are able to pass on more value to you and keep a very close eye on the quality of the goods we produce.   

We source our raw materials directly from family-run businesses that we know personally and with whom we share a common way of doings things. Most of them are either in Austria or reasonably close by, in Italy, Germany, Sweden or France.   

leather & paper

it's all about the senses

paper republic stands for stunning vegetable-tanned, full-grain soft cow leather. We buy our leather directly from family-run tanneries in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) which use absolutely no chrome in the tanning process - only natural, non-chemical extracts. This ancestral tanning is a slow and artisanal process: it takes on average two months to tan and dye a cow hide. The vegetable-tanning means that the colour and texture of our leather have a natural look and develop a unique patina over time.

The writing paper we use in our notebooks is made in one of the best, if not the best, European paper mill in Sweden. It is acid-free, wood-free FSC-certified 80gsm natural paper with a nice cream colour and a soft touch.

the story

A personal message from Jérôme Bacquias, Founder of paper republic   

I created paper republic six years ago, and to be honest, I’m not sure if at that time I had a very clear idea of what I was doing. I had just quit my job and was about to become a father. I had no experience whatsoever with paper or leather. Everyone was creating apps and I was betting on paper. Companies were outsourcing to China and I was committed to producing in Europe. The only thing I knew is that I wanted my freedom back: the freedom do things that I thought were right, to be accountable for my successes and failures, and to find a meaning in what I was doing.  

paper republic is the result of this attempt: “paper” because writing and reading are at the core of our culture, “republic” because  res publica  is in its first meaning, in latin, the common good, that very thing which brings us together and that we share. 

This is what I would like to convey to you when you join us on this journey: a certain sense of freedom, culture and common good that is the very core of paper republic’s promise.  

Welcome to our republic! 

Jérôme Bacquias  
Founder & Managing Director 

le portfolios [a6] in petrol blue and le portfolio [a5] in red

finally found something perfect

“I have always been looking for a notebook with interchangeable layers, where you can write different things without mixing everything together: one layer for your projects, one for your journal, one for your daily notes... When I discovered paper republic I fell in love with their journals instantly!”


this beautiful picture was taken by @me_and_my_happydesk ♥️

gorgeous & great quality

“I am so in love with my new notebook from paper republic 🤎 The leather of the grand voyageur is gorgeous, the inserts are made from great quality paper and I love this special and unique size!” -


the grand voyageur [pocket] in 2022

8 years later

“The craftsmanship is extremely good, you can see that you are holding a handmade product in your hand, that will last a lifetime. I love the minimalist design and the great leather smell that has emanated from le portfolio since day one. This is vegetable-tanned vachetta leather, which is produced in an Italian family-run tannery without the addition of chemicals and chrome and is guaranteed to develop a very nice patina over time.

I can warmly recommend the products and the whole company to you. Nice, personal contact, a great team with a damn nice boss, a first-class attitude and fantastic products, paper republic convinces me on all counts.”


Dr. B's cognac grand voyageur [xl] with gold initial embossing

personalised & feels great

"Absolutely love the gold embossing of my initials on the corner. And if you are not a fan of gold, you can choose plain embossing as well. The journal cover is available in so many colours! And the paper quality is great. It is acid-free, wood-free FSC-certified 80gsm natural paper with a nice cream colour and a soft touch. Feels great to try out other papers."

Dr. B

changed my life - never looked back

“I picked up their grand voyageur [xl] essential writers kit, and without the hyperbole, I’ve never looked back. They’re the most incredible journals imaginable, they solve the problem of running out of space with refills as well as offering various paper style options.

They are what help me create and organise my life everyday, they have an amazing team and customer experience that is second to none.”


Markus's journal - taken when he received it in 2014

a lifelong journey with a new leather companion

Written in 2014 - “When I take paper republic grand voyageur [pocket] out of the beautiful and, above all, environmentally friendly cardboard box, one thing is immediately apparent - the leather is fantastic. The leather made in Italy not only feels good, it also smells very good. The paper is wonderful to write on, so it's very, very nice for quick notes or a travel diary!

A passport fits perfectly in this leather cover, so if you travel a lot, you always have your passport and a small notebook with you. It’s a joy to carry in your pocket! 

Update 2017: I still love using the paper republic grand voyageur [pocket] and it's doing fantastic. A tool that is always a pleasure to hold.

Update 2021: During the Corona period, certain notes are particularly important, meetings with other people are also recorded in the grand voyageur [pocket]. I don't want to be without.

Update 2022: In use since 2014 and it
gets nicer every day. This is one of those objects that you still enjoy using after such a long time.”

vachetta leather smells & feels wonderful

"I received this beautiful journal just a few weeks ago and I have to say I am totally in love with it!  The vachetta leather cover is so nice to the touch and smells wonderful.  I use three notebooks in the [xl] size for work — one for planner, one for bullet journal, and one for miscellaneous notes.  I love the journal so much that I ended up ordering the grand voyageur pocket size in Olive Green! 💚"

beautiful & useful

"Le loop is very beautiful and useful! I will use it all the time!! The best use for this accessory is that you can carry both your pen and your pencil..."