I wanted to tell you about a little known part of paper republic, our beating heart that keeps everything going: our amazing fulfillment team!

paper republic was founded based on a belief in the tremendous future of paper during a time when everyone had a digital focus. Meanwhile, since 2012, we have grown and have now sold over 50,000 notebooks in over 40 countries. And this is all thanks to our team who design, craft, prepare, personalize and ship your products.

We work in a rather small office in the historic 18th district in Vienna. It's never boring, nor is it ever quiet: filled with the loud drone of the leather cutting machine; the rattling of the sewing machine stitching our portfolios, and the rhythmic thump-thump as we hand emboss your initials on the leather, all the while we talk (in at least 6 different languages), laugh and joke to one another.

And our dear fulfillment team manoeuvres themselves between desks, machines, rolls of leather, high stacks of paper and boxes. They are dearly beloved by us, as well as by our customers. No matter the size of your order, big or small, they are equally important to this team and they are all packaged with love. There is not a single package that leaves our building without a little handwritten note to it. 

Things you might not know about our fulfillment team:

👉 Their record is preparing 243 packages with a total weight of 95kg in one day 

👉 They have a cup of coffee ready everyday to share with our friendly Austrian postman who collects the parcels

👉 Tetris is their favourite office game, mostly using packaging material

👉 They always make time for a Vormittagsjause

👉 Until recently, they had to walk several times a day to our local post office to deliver the packages no matter what the weather (luckily we got someone to pick them up now 😅 )

👉 They have a secret Top 10-list of their best & most unique embossings they've ever fulfilled (but they won't share it with the rest of us...)


Photos by Mariana Perrone