There are those who still believe "work is where you are and not what you do", and I think it should be "work is what you do...not where you are"
This year has forced us to redefine what "work" actually means, more specifically: where or what is the office?
It can be a lot of places, and the way I look at it, what is a forced limitation on our lives now may soon become a way to unlock our work/life balance in the future.
I've been lucky enough to work remotely during this time and it has forced me to realise I don't always need a laptop, a phone, charger, mouse, etc., to get things done. Often times the problem was simply my own disorganisation.
And that's where the [a4] has helped. It became an office all in one.
It's big enough to carry my planner and notebooks, and a few other bits and pieces (even a small laptop). It closes up and moves with me, no need for anything else, just old fashioned brain power...and forces me to plan and organise. Along side that, I use it for my own personal things with a notebook at the back for non-work related things I do in my own time.
A thousand miles from "work", I am writing this while staring out a rain-streaked window, safe from the wind blowing round a black edged mountain, drinking tea and hot chocolate inside an old school bus, with the fire going and a cat in my way. My office can be anywhere; I am still working. And when I feel I have enough done for the day, I'll go for a walk and move onto the next "office".
So, wherever you are, wherever the office is now or will be, I hope you are productive.
And if not, try taking a break, give yourself some time off and see how things are when you come back.
I hope it helps,
Everything Digital Officer
p.s here's another picture of this nice cat, Jeffrey, who belongs to @skoolbeans