I treasure the packaging boxes from paper republic like everything I have from paper republic. What’s the big deal though, you might ask. They’re just boxes? In fact, they are handmade boxes lovingly stapled together by us with an old stapling machine we rescued from Germany.



Here at paper republic, we believe in putting careful thought and handmade charm into everything we do, and our packaging boxes are no exception.

You can use them to keep your finished refills and bits of paper safe and tucked away. I use one of my boxes to keep my extra ribbons handy in case the mood strikes me to change up the look of my grand voyageur [xl].

Even if you can’t think of a way to reuse these handy boxes, you can recycle them guilt free because they are made out of recycled cardboard. Just remove the stapes and put them with the rest of your paper recycling. See, we told you we think of everything!



So go ahead, order yourself a grand voyageur [xl] and know that every part of what you receive has been thought through.