Are you up for a creative challenge? 

If you are here, you've probably come across our paper republic leather recrafting box - a sustainability project that will give you the opportunity to get creative and develop your own leather crafting skills with our premium vachetta leather.

A 10kg box of oddly shaped leather pieces may seem daunting at first glance, but believe us when we say there is a multitude of things you can make, from jewellery to decorations, keyrings, purses and much more. We would like to show you some of the magical and fun objects you can craft from these seemingly odd pieces of leather.

Karina works at a children's playground in Denmark, with children aged 9 to 18:
We love natural materials and recycling and would love to receive your leftovers for present and things the children can make with my help. [...] I will promise you that it will be used❤️
And so it was - in the best possible way! Look at the wonderful items created by the children during their leather crafting workshop.

Both Karina and the children enjoyed this creative experience:
Again thank you so much. It is really nice leather and it is fun playing with it. The children are making nice gifts and we practice the skills in working with leather. We are having so much fun making leather jewellery of your leftovers. The children have been busy making mother's day gifts but also other gifts [...] Thanks again for this great opportunity.❤️

Mila is an art teacher in a highschool in Germany and one of the artists behind our beautiful artist refills. She also had a great project in mind:
There is a project I really would love to go for: with 9th grade pupils (15/16 years old) to create jewellery. I would use cord, copper wire and eventually rivets to develop possibilities to adapter. In home schooling we only were able to make drawings for the subject „design“ and I would be more than happy to give them a special material when they are back in school soon - hopefully 🙏🏾 - to work with. it would be great if you wanted to facilitate us 🌞🍀
And so we did...

Mila got back to us after the workshop and shared her experience with us:
The biggest challenge was to figure out a lasting bond/ contact between different edges/ pieces and of course it’s not so easy to work with leather. to work appropriate with the materials involved was important for me. I think the pupils really had fun and were very happy with this project 🥰! and of course every pupil had to produce his own little collection- that’s what you can see on the last pictures ☺️ so it was a real fun project but also very challenging for me too 😅

We hope these stories and examples have inspired you to take on new creative endeavours. Don't forget to share your expericences and creations with us. Simply tag us on Instagram or send us a message to!