the republic

the paper republic x Topdrawer manifest 

story and mission

When I created paper republic six years ago, companies were outsourcing to China and I was committed to producing within Europe. Everyone was creating apps and I was betting on paper. When Peter took over running Topdrawer back in year 2014, creating well-curated brick and mortar shops in the United States, all the big retail chains were closing stores, so it sounded like a crazy idea (and it still does!)

The result is that paper republic x Topdrawer is more than a usual business cooperation. We are a community of like-minded business partners, artisans, workers, team-members and friends.

We share the same vision: to bring the best of European and US craftsmanship to your door. Both of us believe a business has to be based on values to create value: for its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and for society as a whole.

We want to craft and sell authentic products; goods with a story and soul. We like knowing about the origin of the materials we use and to be open with you about how we work. We aim to respect our environment by creating products which are made to last and are crafted from sustainable and natural materials. We aim to respect our customers, suppliers and team members and treat them as partners of our republic.

This is our mission: to do things good and well.

It’s time for you to go against the tide, too. We can’t wait to welcome you on this incredible ride made of freedom, authenticity and joy.

Welcome on board!

Jérôme Bacquias, Founder of paper republic, and Peter Dunn, President of Topdrawer

we trust in paper

paper and beauty

We believe in authenticity, beauty and style. Our notebooks and journals look good, feel wonderful and smell amazing. We want them to be your lifetime companion, your confidant, and your trusted friend.   
Treasure your memories on our natural, extra-smooth Swedish writing paper. Feed your imagination with our fragrant leather, tanned with plants, herbs and wood, from family-run Italian tanneries. Explore the world with a travel companion that gets better with age and is made to last a lifetime.  
Our world may be slowly moving away from 3000 years of paper-based history, but we believe that paper has a tremendous future: as an expression of culture, art, beauty, uniqueness and tangible reality, be it as a book, a notebook or a newspaper.  
We trust and believe in paper. Join our republic! 

it's about the senses

leather and quality

paper republic stands for stunning vegetable-tanned, full-grain soft cow leather. We buy our leather directly from family-run tanneries in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) which use absolutely no chrome in the tanning process - only natural, non-chemical extracts. This ancestral tanning is a slow and artisanal process: it takes on average two months to tan and dye a cow hide. The vegetable-tanning means that the colour and texture of our leather have a natural look and develop a unique patina overt time.

The writing paper we use in our notebooks is made in one of the best, if not the best, European paper mill in Sweden. It is acid-free, wood-free FSC-certified 80gsm natural paper with a nice cream colour and a soft touch.

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we do the hard work

design and craftsmanship

We design and craft our products from our workshop in Vienna, Austria, and we ship all our USA orders from our base in Boston, MA. We believe in the good of doing things  ourselves – and when we cannot we want to work with the best and nicest people around.  

By producing as much as possible in-house and avoiding middlemen, from production to sales, we are able to pass on more value to you and keep a very close eye on the quality of the goods we produce.   

We source our raw materials directly from family-run businesses that we know personally and with whom we share a common way of doings things. 

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