our team

we love each other

behind every product there is a story

A very personal story. Long discussions over a cup of tea or coffee. Team lunches on a big sofa which is already too small. Freezing winter working days. Long phone calls with friends, customers, artisans and crazy business partners.

Tons of paper and leather. A lot of patience and commitment. Some mistakes. Big dreams and small steps. No Power-Points. Care and Respect. Welcome to the republic!

get to know us a little better

Meet the people who make your products and send your orders with love.


aka: Nastunia
mother tongue: a mix of galician & central ukrainian dialect
official job: e-commerce specialist
secret job: moshpit starter
dream: every ukrainian's dream


aka: Ani
mother tongue: bulgarian
official job: fullfilment specialist
secret job: circus performer
dream: to be always happy


aka: Anita
mother tongue:
official job: EACO (everything administrative and customisation officer)
secret job: interior designer
dream: a summer lake house in Sweden


aka: Carmenita
mother tongue: romanian
official job: leather designer & production officer
secret job: modelling
dream: to become a singer


aka: the one with the really french name, but who isn't french
mother tongue: denglish
official job: CSO (creative direction and shop officer)
secret job: professional couch-potato
dream: to eat endless amounts of delicious food without ever feeling full


aka: Evi
mother tongue: spanish (paísa)
official job: everything I can
secret job: electro dancer
dream: to talk with animals


aka: Gabrielitto
mother tongue: patagonian spanish
official job: a man for everything
secret job: time traveller
dream: travel the world by bike


aka: Hanni
mother tongue: wiener hochdeutsch 
official job: GMM (good mood master)
secret job: dog trainer 
dream: to get my letter from Hogwarts


aka: chef
mother tongue: annoying french
official job: CEO (chief everything officer)
secret job: playmobil builder
dream: to be a whisk(e)y taster


aka: Jimo
mother tongue: mexican spanish
official job: purchasing specialist
secret job: tv soccer coach
dream: travelling for free


aka: Johaaa
mother tongue: boring austrian german
official job: CCO (customer care officer)
secret job: kaiserschmarrn expert
dream: to have a big garden


aka: Heidi
mother tongue: ordinary high german
official job: LAE (leather account executive)
secret job: mountain explorer
dream: the "one piece" treasure


aka: Tschuli
mother tongue: austrian german
official job: leather specialist
secret job: children coach
dream: for everyone to be able to express their uniqueness


aka: Karo
mother tongue: hungarian/ serbian
official job: production specialist
secret job: professional sleeper
dream: to be a witch and live in a cottage


aka: Churra
mother tongue: georgian
official job: JSMO (junior sewing machine operator)
secret job: spaghetti carbonara pre-taster
dream: to become a spaghetti master


aka: Ánh Dương
mother tongue: vietnamese
official job: social media marketing girlie
secret job: professional series binger
dream: have a magic door that can bring me anywhere


aka: Ronja Räubertochter
mother tongue: incomprehensible vorarlbergian alemannic
official job: CSO (chief stacking officer)
secret job: chicken farmer
dream: fulfilled


aka: Bexie
mother tongue: kazakstan russian
official job: ribbon CEO
secret job: professional cake eater
dream: teleportation ability


aka: Flower child
mother tongue: lower-austrian slang
official job: SLE (senior leather executive)
secret job: hotel operator in bali
dream: to time travel back to the 90s


aka: Pomps
mother tongue: porteño (Buenos Aires spanish)
official job: CBP (chief book-keeper & photographer)
secret job: knights and dragons story teller
dream: to go to a big ice cream parlour & try all its flavors


aka: Mayaaalein
mother tongue: german
official job: SO (shop officer)
secret job: DJ at parties
dream: to live on the beach


aka: Maxi
mother tongue: frengerish
official job: FAM (fix anything master)
secret job: handyman
dream: to have my own private skilift


aka: Noe
mother tongue: spanish
official job: inventory manager
secret job: healthy food scavenger
dream: I hope to be remembered fondly by those who have been a part of my life.


aka: Paulinha
mother tongue: spanish (porteño)
official job: KA (katana master)
secret job: chocolate expert
dream: to get paid to travel the world


aka: ms. Hewer, inventor of the currywurst
mother tongue: some other strange austrian dialect
official job: SOS (sustainability officer Steffi)
secret job: sandal designer
dream: to have a mobile garden (with a tiny villa)


aka: Khal Drogo
mother tongue: totally unknown upper-austrian dialect
official job: SKO (swiss knife officer)
secret job: lion king imitator
dream: to travel all the time


aka: Bonbon
mother tongue: peruvian spanish
official job: CFO (chief fulfilment officer)
secret job: cake magician
dream: winning the lottery