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the team

Behind every product there is a story. 

A very personal story. Long discussions over a cup of tea or coffee. Team lunches on a big sofa which is already too small. Freezing winter working days. Long phone calls with friends, customers, artisans and crazy business partners.

Tons of paper and leather. A lot of patience and commitment. Some mistakes. Big dreams and small steps. No Power-Points. Care and Respect. Welcome to the republic!


aka: a wolfolk

mother tongue: magyar (Hungarian)

official job: FO (Fulfilment Officer)

secret job: a cajon-playing videographer

dream: a 26 in the 60´s


aka: free neutron

mother tongue: English*Espanol*Upper Austrian melange

official job: CPO (Crazy Project Officer)

secret job: wilderness explorer

dream: big


aka: Mona

mother tongue: Spanish Columbian 

official job: CRO (Chief Refills Officer)

secret job: Workout Electro Dancer

dream: To take care of animals


aka: Cat Lady

mother tongue: Ordinary High German

official job: The Machine Master

secret job: wine taster

dream: to talk to animals


aka: lucky

mother tongue: Porteño (Buenos Aires Spanish)

official job: CGDO (Chief Graphic Designer Officer)

secret job: lettering practitioner

dream: superpower of teleportation


aka: Hanni

mother tongue: Wiener Hochdeutsch

official job: stock team member

secret job: dog trainer

dream: getting my letter from Hogwarts


aka: Chef

mother tongue: Annoying French

official job: CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

secret job: Playmobil Builder

dream: whisk(e)y taster


aka: Heidi

mother tongue: ordinary high german

official job: LAE (Leather Account Executive)

secret job: mountain explorer

dream: the "ONE PIECE" treasure


aka: Guac Master

mother tongue: French with anglicisms & wannabe scottish

official job: PPPO (Product Preperation & Packaging Officer)

secret job: Street photographer

dream: travel back in time & go to Woodstock!


aka: Ronja Räubertochter

mother tongue: incomprehensible Vorarlbergian Alemannic

official job: HOO (Hands-on Officer)

secret job: chicken farmer

dream: a zip line in my garden 


aka: Flower child

mother tongue: Low-Austrian slang

official job: SLE (Senior Leather Executive)

secret job: Hotel Operator in Bali

dream: to time travel back to the 90s


aka: Pomps

mother tongue: Porteño (Buenos Aires Spanish)

official job: CBP (Chief Book-keeper & Photographer)

secret job: Knights and Dragons story teller

dream: go to a big ice cream parlour & try all its flavors


aka: Analogue lover

mother tongue: Dutch and Frisian (it's a real language!)

official job: FLO (Flying Dutch Officer)

secret job: Maker of all unofficial Paper Republic playlists

dream: Wake up with super rock powers and start a band


aka: Mayaaalein

mother tongue: German

official job: Stock team member

secret job: DJ on parties

dream: to live on the beach


aka: Maxi

mother tongue: Frengerish

official job: stock team member

secret job: handyman

dream: to have my own private skilift


aka: The Tea Man

mother tongue: English

official job: (CEDO) Chief everything digital Officer 

secret job: adventure guide 

dream: to live in the mountains 


aka: Paulinha

mother tongue: Spanish (Porteño)

official job: FFO (Fast Fulfilment Officer)

secret job: Chocolate expert

dream: live at the beach


aka: Ranee-mouth

mother tongue: oversea French from far far away

official job: CTSO (Chief Trade Show Officer)

secret job: carpet sales(wo)man

dream: to speak German as fluently as a North-German seagull


aka: plant mom

mother tongue: Burgenländisch with a pinch of Thai influence

official job: CCCO Chief Customer Care Officer

secret job: foodie and wine lover

dream: be a yoga instructor in Bali and travel the world


aka: Ms. Hewer, inventor of the currywurst

mother tongue: Some other strange Austrian dialect

official job: CLO (Chief Leather Officer)

secret job: Sandal Designer

dream: to have a mobile garden (with a tiny villa)


aka: Khal Drogo

mother tongue: Totally unknown Upper-Austrian dialect

official job: SNO (Swiss Knife Officer)

secret job: Lion King imitator

dream: to travel all the time