A letter from Gaby

I'm Gaby, we haven't met yet, but maybe you've seen some of my work...

How is that?

I'm a graphic designer at paper republic

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I grew up with a love of lettering and it was no surprise that I ended studying to become a graphic designer.

My big passions are handwriting, calligraphy and typography.

I simply love lettering!

Since 2014, I have been living in Vienna, Austria, where I began working at paper republic!

I always combine digital and analogue work. No matter if I'm at the office working on my computer, or taking some time out in one of the many beautiful parks in Vienna, my grand voyageur is with me at all times for taking notes, sketching, doodling and making to-do lists. 
I find it hard to believe my petrol grand voyageur [pocket] is already 3 years old now. It usually holds two different plain refills, a planner as well as a card & cash holder which I use to keep my passport when I am travelling.

Sometimes I change the ribbon colour depending on my mood. I find that adding a new colour creates an interesting contrast to the patina of the leather.    

After 3 years I still enjoy the fragrance of the leather and the colour just becomes more beautiful over time. 

Now you know a little bit more about me and my grand voyageur.
What is your story?
CGDO (Chief Graphic Designer Officer)