meet Jérôme

paper republic founder & CEO

multiple leather companions to rule all aspects of my life

I’m Jérôme, paper republic’s founder and CEO, but also a dedicated father and an enthusiastic connoisseur of authentic and characterful objects.

I started this wonderful adventure in 2012 by founding paper republic, with a vision to pursue and values to uphold. More than 10 years later now, I couldn’t be happier with where we stand and I’m looking forward to unveil what’s next!

As you probably suspect it already, my everyday life is filled various events and things to do. And this is highlighted by my leather companions and how I use them. So I thought it was finally time to introduce you to my collection!

"each format serves a purpose"

Our leather journals come in three different formats: [pocket], [xl] and [a4]. This variety isn't just about preference, it's about purpose. This translates in the way I use my the 3 leather journals following me in my everyday life. Allow me to tell you more:

my “always-at-reach” companion

This leather journal never leaves my side, and to answer the question you haven't asked - no it’s not the cognac leather. It actually is a grand voyageur [pocket] in natural with a patina from adventures from more than 5 years now! I love it, and my kids love it even more: I slide in 3 notebooks for my various everyday notes, to note down my daughter’s math exercises when we’re in cafés, and to let my kids express their creativity. Plus, the joy of flipping through their delightful drawings is immeasurable!

I also use a clip pocket and a card & cash holder to store receipts, other small papers, travel souvenirs and pictures of my children. This makes this leather companion even more convenient and valuable!

You can see all of these in more detail in this episode of our [people of paper republic] series.

my business companion

To track all-things paper republic related, and all the responsibilities involved, I fully trust my grand voyageur [xl] petrol blue. I use the weekly planner to plan my work weeks the way I want, and in detail. I combine this with another ruled notebook to write down my meeting notes and the various ideas coming to mind. Then, I top off my notebooks with a card & cash holder – I really adore these – to slide in business cards and other small items.

And just as for my [pocket] grand voyageur, I add a le loop with my favourite Ohto ballpoint pen so I’m always ready to take quick notes.

my self-reflection companion

This grand voyageur [a4] chestnut is my personal safe space. This larger format gives more freedom that I use to get creative, organise and reflect on all aspects of my life.

I use yet again dotted book refills to plan the numerous events of my life, my own way. I also use a ruled book refill to note down ideas and reflections about every facet of my life. The quality paper and its traditional open-thread binding truly add on to the relaxing experience of opening this leather companion.

leather companions for my digital companions

My laptop remains another essential of my work life. So, to add a soft and authentic touch, I added two leather companions to my collection.

I use le sleeve to safely carry my laptop around. Its durable leather shell and its soft loden inner lining make sure that my essential work-tool is always protected.

I love to add an authentic and warm feel to my workspace when I’m using my laptop. That’s why I use le desk pad.

thank you for being part of the republic

I hope you enjoyed discovering more about my leather companions and that this will give you great ideas for your own collection.

I would finally like to thank you for being part of the wonderful adventure that paper republic is, and this since 2012. I am looking forward to keep sharing this journey with you in 2024 and can’t wait to see what this new year has to offer!



Chief Everything Officer