Dear friends of paper republic, 


I imagine you have been following the events unfolding in Ukraine.

I have always argued that it is our duty as a company to restrain from any kind of political comments. We are engaged, but non-political. 

It is however my conviction that paper republic cannot remain silent about the war that is taking place in Ukraine.

What is happening is a direct, fundamental threat not only to Ukraine, but also against our values, our culture and everything paper republic stands for. War is at our back door. 100.000s of people are fleeing.

We cannot pretend nothing is happening.


On a personal level, some of our team members have family living just a few kilometres away from the Ukrainian border. Some of us come from countries where they experienced the trauma of war not long ago. Vienna, where we are based, is a 10-hour drive from Ukraine. All our web developers are based in Ukraine. For more than six years, Arthur and his web development team have been instrumental in making paper republic the company it is today. They are a key part of our republic. 

Three people from their team have decided to join the Ukrainian army. The front line is now close to their home city.


Arthur asked me to help make donations for Ukraine. I wanted to share with you his recommendations: 

If you want to help children in eastern Ukraine who are victims of war, our Ukrainian friends recommend this non-profit organisation.

If you want to help Ukrainians defend their country, he asked me to share this link to donate to the National Bank of Ukraine.


I offered Arthur and his team shelter in Vienna and received one of the most optimistic messages ever in return. It really sums up the state of mind of all Ukrainians:

I don't understand the reasons for the Russian aggression, but instead of thinking about this reason or feel fear, our nation is angry now. And we act. Everyone in their own way. We keep calm and carry on. Everything will be OK.

Yes, everything will be OK. One day, the spirit of Tolstoi, Mandelstam, Pasternak and Shalamov will prevail in Russia. We will go for a drink with our friends on the banks of the Dniepr River, spend a night in Kyiv and come back freely together to Vienna. This day will come.


Where the danger is, also grows the saving power. - Hölderlin


Thank you for your help.
Take care,

CEO (Chief Everything Officer)