Hi there,
Do you know why lettering artists and left-handed people especially appreciate our book refills [xl]?
The exceptional paper, coloured edge finish and timeless design play an important part...
But the traditional open-thread binding that enables the books to lay perfectly flat when open is what really makes them stand out. 
Perfect for left-handed people, the book refills [xl] allow all creatives to draw and write on both pages comfortably.
Our in-house graphic designer and lettering genius Gaby revealed how she chooses between the drawing book [xl], and the plain, ruled or dotted book.
We asked her to give us a sneak-peek into her book refills...

Gaby and the book refills [xl]

"I tend to grab the dotted book whenever I do uncial calligraphy. The dots work perfectly as a guide. The ink and markers flow really well on the 120gsm creme paper."


"When using watercolours, I reach for the drawing book which has a slightly thicker mixed-media paper (150gsm, compared to the 120gsm paper of the other book refills)."

"The plain book is great for lettering pieces done with brush pens. I started to fill my plain book with lyrics from my favourite songs."


"I like writing long sentences in copperplate calligraphy using a pencil or fountain pen. I love that this paper is completely fountain-pen friendly (no feathering). The lines in the ruled book work as a guide, that help in keeping longer texts nice and neat."


Which book speaks to you the most? Would you go for the drawingplainruled or dotted book [xl]


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