meet Hugo

paper republic's editor-in-chief

“life brings you many places, so capture the best of it”

I am Hugo, a member of paper republic from France and currently living in Italy!

I am in charge of writing our newsletters and I am also our English to French translator. If you're subscribed to our newsletters, you will have hopefully already read something from me by now.

Before I joined paper republic, I was already a customer, using the amazing leather journals and I strongly shared their values. So now, it is a real privilege as I get to live those values everyday and share them with you, while working with so many cheerful and eclectic people which always sparks joy in my day!

I'd like to share with you my collection and tell you more about how I use it on a daily basis. See my complete collection below and scroll down to learn more about how I use them and why:

my first leather companion

This was my first, and still my most used, leather journal: my 3 years old grand voyageur [xl] in olive green.

I ordered this journal after discovering paper republic on Instagram, and it was Instagram I also started my journey at paper republic a few years later when I saw a job posting for a content writer!

My grand voyageur leather companion follows me everywhere and lets me live my passions: writing and drawing (a bit). It allows to capture every inspiration of my daily life and my travels.

I added a few accessories to make a true life companion: it really feels like bringing a piece of home!

my favourite accessories to make my grand voyageur [xl] a true life companion:

book refill

Since I first discovered the smooth writing experience when using the book refills, I can't use my leather journal without it. The writing experience is unmatchable when I am writing poems and others, and the I am never afraid of using my fountain pen!

[xl] / chequered | [xl] / carreaux

clip pocket

The clip pocket is the main reason why I call my grand voyageur a life companion. I, quite often, give strong sentimental value to small items because of where I found it or who gave it to me: be it a coin, a visit card or a small medal. Thanks to my clip pocket, these items are always by my side.

cash & card holder

When writing or drawing in my leather companion, I like to tape meaningful pictures, postcards or flyers next to some of my favourite creations. Because of this, my cash & card holder is always full of spare printed pictures and even random paper notes.

different needs,
different leather journals

Being a civil engineering student, I often work on group projects. The reason I got my first leather companion was to allow me to step away from digits and concrete, and it brought me back to paper and showed me its potential for collaborations with classmates.

That's how I came to have my grand voyageur [a4] as a new leather journal: it brought me more space for my long study projects and the ribbon system allowed me to add multiple notebooks and to switch them out as needed.

my on-the-go essentials:

my favourite writing tool

Kaweco Sport fountain pen

I ordered my Kaweco Sport | solid brass pen the same time I ordered my grand voyageur [xl] and since then it has become my favourite fountain pen. I always carry it around and love the writing experience when using my leather companion.

how I carry my companion

le nomad | merino travel pouch

Second only to my grand voyageur is my [xl] sized travel le nomad pouch goes with me whenever I leave the house and it protects my leather journal companion.

I'm the kind of person who likes to organise by putting bags inside other bags, so I really can't live without it!

my pen holder

le porte-plume | pen & pencil case

The latest addition to my collection is le porte-plume ! I use it to carry not only my pens, but other small things which I keep safely wrapped inside.

I really love its authentic and rustic design and it fits my love of storing things, as I wrap my pen inside it and then it goes in my le nomad alongside my leather journal whenever I am on the move.

what's next?

I hope that my collection will inspire you, mostly to get back to your leather companion. Sometimes, we all might step away from it for some time. I do as well once in a while, but it's named a leather companion for a reason: using it is always so soothing and pleasant!

I can't wait to discover what new use I will make of mine. I will let you know through the newsletters when I find out!