Here at paper republic, we stand for authenticity through and through. This means putting deep care and thought into all the products we offer to you. This means ensuring that every part of the production down to the smallest details meets our mission for sustainability. 

When it comes to the leather we use, this means it’s colour, all the way down.

Have you ever bought a leather product and been disappointed by the way the colour chips away as soon as it sees any kind of use? The majority of the world’s leather is chrome tanned then painted, and this paint will scratch off.

Not so with vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather gets their colours from soaking in the tannins of different plants, herbs, and wood. So the colour you see is the colour it is to the core.

This natural and traditional method requires more time, more skill, and more labour than the alternative. We use only vegetable tanned leather in our products because we believe in its quality but also in the preservation of slow and skillful ways of doing things in this increasingly breakneck paced world.

We want the things we believe on the inside to be reflected in the way we do things on the outside.

We want it to be colour, all the way down.

This is why all our leather products are made with vegetable tanned leather. They are the perfect companions for an authentic life. Won’t you join us on our journey?


CEDO (Chief Everything Digital Officer)