We love paper and we love paper lovin' artists. 
That is why we recently launched the 2021 limited edition artist series notebooks.
Today we show you bits and pieces of the story behind the notebooks entitled people & animals by artist Andreas Back a.k.a. CAbACA. 

"My name is Andreas and I live in Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. I work as an illustrator and an animator."

"Since I do a lot of digital drawing during my working hours, I love drawing on paper in my free time."

"As a matter of fact, I have been drawing in my cognac grand voyageur [pocket] journal every single day for about two years now. Below you can see my collection of used [pocket] refills"

"I also started out to do the sketches for the artist series cover designs in my [pocket] journal. I sat in cafes and in the hills above our city (the [pocket] size is perfect to take with me). I then created the final artwork in my studio on the computer with a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet."

"I made two different cover designs, both are available in size [pocket] and [xl]. I started out to draw different animals by keeping the outline as simple as possible. I kind of tried to surprise myself which animal would come out.
The second design entitled people is inspired by the fact that I love sitting in cafes and drawing people around me in my pocket journal." - Andreas

Andreas left us this cute little message:

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With love,

Flying Dutch Officer