At paper republic, every day is Earth Day! We celebrate nature, life and sustainability.

We would like to share some things we do to be more mindful of the environment, and hope it will inspire you to get involved too - today, tomorrow and every day!

communicate & educate

Education matters. Talk to your family, friends and co-workers, about environmental topics that are close to your heart. Raise awareness and share ways to minimize your impact on the natural world and live a more sustainable, mindful life.

invest & suggest

There are many environmental projects that work towards decreasing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. They range from developing renewable energy facilities to protecting and preserving vital ecosystems around the world. By investing in these projects, you will balance out your own carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Find a project that is meaningful to you and share the idea with your friends.

plant & grow

Green up the planet! Plant some herbs and flowers in your garden or on your balcony. Some flowers are especially attractive to bees, who will come pollinate them. Having a vegetable patch in your garden or growing your own herbs outdoors or indoors is also a great first step to becoming more self-sufficient. Check out our blog post to discover our colleague Lisa's beautiful garden of abundance.

shop from businesses who care

Be mindful about what you buy. Choosing products made from sustainably sourced materials and investing in quality products which are made to last will help reduce pollution, overproduction and waste.

Green greetings from our workshop in Vienna,

PS: Want to be sustainable AND creative? Then check out our leather recrafting box and start working on your own leather upcycling projects!