a work of art

the hand-printed edition

240 unique pieces of

hand-crafted beauty

each piece has a unique pattern & is individually numbered

a classic / a work of art

This limited edition brings tradition & innovation to our most popular sized journal and transforms it into a once off work of art.

The serigraphy screen-printing adds an extra layer of skill and craftsmanship to our already handcrafted leather pieces.

choose from 3 beautiful colours


(noun) the act of making an original silk-screen print

the idea

Steffi, our leather expert, dreamt up the design and presented it to Stephka, a local screen printing expert and friend of paper republic here in Vienna.

She wanted something which combined the artistry of screen-printing with the beauty of our vachetta leather.

the process

Serigraphy is a traditional technique designed for paper. It can be difficult to screen-print on leather due to both its shape and material finish.

Steffi and Stephka used their shared experience to create a design which would work with the cut of the leather and ensure the print would last for a lifetime.

the result

The end result was worth the effort: a pattern deeply printed into the leather which will never scratch or fade as you take your journal through life.

The design was chosen to compliment the shape and size of our journals so every piece will have a wonderful print when handmade in our workshop.

1 in 240

a unique journal

Only 240 pieces in total have been made for this hand-printed limited edition and each journal comes with its own numbered certificate.

Due to how the print pattern is made and how we cut the leather, no two journals have the same pattern or design finish.