Hi everyone!

Developing a new product is like creating the perfect recipe. You start with a basic idea, choose you main ingredients, add some herbs and spices, test different cooking times, try out various combinations of tastes… until you get the perfect result.

These star ingredients were the key to our newest paper republic product:

- 50g of beautiful, vegetable-tanned leather
- A handful of patience and determination
- A talented, young designer and craftswoman

That’s right: the square leather wallet was designed by one of our youngest employees and production team member, Julia.

Let me take you on a small tour of our workshop and tell you a bit more about Julia, and how she designed and crafts this unique leather wallet.
Just like all paper republic products, each wallet is handcrafted in our workshop in Vienna. But Julia’s journey started long before, with only an idea and one goal in mind: to give you the smallest, lightest, most practical, and best-looking leather wallet. A challenging task indeed!

It all started with a first design, some adjustments, then a second design…

Several months of hard work and many prototypes later, the whole team decided on a final design – the square. Julia achieved her goal by stripping the wallet of all unnecessary features and focusing on a functional and minimalistic design which really lets the leather stand out.
Now Julia and the entire production team are ready to craft those beautiful wallets just for you! 

To spice things up, Julia decided on 6 different colour combinations, chosing from her favourite colours of our stunning, vegetable-tanned leather.

Every single step is done in our workshop with great love and care, and the biggest attention to detail: from cutting and stitching every little piece of leather…

... to burning and polishing the edges by hand, right up to the final touch...

...embossing your initials into the leather, making it your unique companion for life.

And voilà, here you have it: the crème de la crème of wallets, the square!

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