Hi there,

Do you know why paper republic notebooks make such wonderful lifelong friends? The secret lies in our high-quality, vegetable-tanned vachetta leather - which ages just as beautifully as the friendship with your journal!
Greek photographer Panagiwtis Gian captured both his paper republic leather companions on camera. The result is a wonderful, eye-catching display of style and elegance. See for yourself!

The latest addition to his leather collection and perfectly matching his leather jacket (coincidence? I don't think so!), is the black grand voyageur [xl] journal.  
When he is on the road, Panagiwtis sketches and takes notes with our wooden mechanical pencil

For a year now, Panagiwtis has been carrying his smaller, cognac-coloured grand voyageur [pocket] with him everywhere he goes. He conveniently keeps the journal in the back pocket of his jeans.
The leather has already developed a beautiful and unique patina, don't you think? 

Just like any friend and loved one, your leather journal will greatly appreciate you taking care of it well. To keep your leather notebooks and accessories in pristine condition, we recommend using our le baume pour cuir leather cream. A touch of beeswax and natural oils once in a while, and your leather friend will be forever grateful.

As shown in this little video, le baume is easy to use: put a small amount on the leather and spread evenly. Polish with the polishing cloth and your leather will find its sheen once again! Remember: you really don't need much - a little goes a long way. 

Thank you, Panagiwtis Gian, for sharing your photos with us.

Warm regards from our HQ in Vienna,
Flying Dutch Officer