Hi there!

If you've seen our paper republic gift guide last month, you've learnt about some of our team's favourite gift ideas... but I still haven't told you about mine! 

I believe pictures speak louder than words when it comes to presenting all the crucial details and unique features that make my personal favourite, le portfolio [a6] so, so special... 

Lucky us, photographer Panagiotis Giannoutsos shared some stunning pictures, showcasing all the tiny details he loves about his petrol blue portfolio [a6]. Sit back, enjoy, and let the images speak for themselves.

Panagiotis added three paper republic [pocket] refills to his portfolio with an extra orange ribbon

le portfolio [a6]'s inner pockets are home to Panagiotis' business cards and wooden mechanical pencil. They also keep his to-do and shopping lists, scribbled phone numbers and addresses, cards, tickets, bills and passport tidily in place.

le portfolio is easily recognisable, with its beautifully stitched and burnished edges. Panagiotis got his initials embossed onto the smooth, vegetable-tanned vachetta leather.  In fact, Panagiotis already has quite a collection of paper republic leather products, as you can see in the picture below. In addition to le portfolio [a6] in petrol blue, he also welcomed le portfolio [a5] in red, a grand voyageur [pocket] in cognac and a grand voyageur [pocket] in olive green to his collection. 

Thank you Panagiotis, for letting us look through your lens and showing us what you see when you look at your beloved leather companions. 

Warm greetings from Vienna,

Flying Dutch Officer