Hi there,

Pablo Picasso once said: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

I was reminded of this quote while sitting in the beautiful Augarten park in Vienna during our paper republic drawing-with-friends event to celebrate the launch of our smallest drawing book in pocket size.

In front of me were nothing but empty pages while next to me, three little girls cheerfully turned their drawing books into colourful, creative canvases.

Without hesitation each of them grabbed a handful of pencils or eagerly plunged their brushes in paint to transform one page after another into little pieces of art.

By that time, the blank pages of my drawing book [pocket] were screaming at me to reconnect with my inner artist.

Once I managed to ignore the feeling of intimidation when glancing at the pages of my talented colleagues, and let go of my expectations, the ink and the ideas started to flow.

Fuelled by sunshine, cake and homemade kombucha, young and old(er), artists and amateurs alike, were happily filling in the pages of their drawing books, using the many different techniques we had available.

That afternoon, I was reminded of how pleasant and freeing it is to let go of your thoughts and grab a pencil instead. To draw and doodle to your heart's content. To get inspired by nature and the world around you, without the limits imposed by your desk and own four walls.

I have the feeling this little drawing book [pocket] may become my new daily companion, and mark the beginning of a new creative practice.

Whether you are fully equipped with watercolours, crayons, nibs and ink, or just have a single pencil in your bag, the drawing book [pocket] is the perfect companion that will help you to release your inner artist, wherever you may be, just as it did for all of us that day...

I wish you a wonderful week,

Flying Dutch Officer