botany green

the powerful beauty of nature

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of botany green: a stunning, but limited, addition to our collection:

A colour which evokes the allure of the botanical world: the green of dense jungles, wild forests and tropical plants. Its character changes in different light, reflecting the sensation of the natural, living world.

It will inspire creativity, bring freedom to your thinking and broaden your inspiration and connection with nature.

botany green: a special edition

We've captured the botanical world in all its depth, texture and nuance.

This new colour represents how we think a leather journal should be: the natural beauty of soft vachetta leather, vegetable tanned in a deep, textured green inspired by our sustainable approach.


(noun) the study and appreciation of the properties & life of plants

made to inspire you

beauty from nature

The deepness of botany green is stunning; it is a colour which will make you stop when you see it and will evoke desire from everyone you show it to.

The colour reminds us of nature, fits our values and reflects our love for nature and it is how leather should look.

in 4 sizes

expand your collection

Add a special touch to your paper republic journal line up with this new colour range.

Botany green is available to collect as:

grand voyageur [pocket] (sold out)
grand voyageur [xl] (sold out)
le loop pen holder (sold out)
le portfolio [a5] (sold out)

special edition

for a limited time

The botany green journals and portfolio come finished with an orange ribbon: the perfect colours to immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of summer.

You can also personalise your companion by embossing your name or initials in gold, standard, orange or blue.

how do they compare

olive green & botany green

Olive green has been a favourite colour with our paper republic customers and you might want to see how the special botany green compares to the classic olive green.

The pictures shows how each green is distinct and beautiful in their own way, and how suited and complimentary they are together.