l'atelier | create your own personal companion

Price: based on your request

With l’atelier, you can request how you'd like to customise your next leather companion.

Get inspired by our examples and then get in touch using the button above or by sending us an email at atelier@paper-republic.com with your wishes. We look forward to receiving your ideas and helping make your leather dreams come true.

how it works

1. Contact us using the personalisation request form and give us as much information as you can about your special leather companion.

2. Steffi, our leather designer, and the l’atelier team will review your request and get back to you with any questions, and then provide you with cost details and a timeframe for production.

If you have any questions, Steffi will advise you on the possibilities and guide you through the process.

3. Sit back and relax. We will keep you updated about the making of your new companion and when it will arrive.

The entire process usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

what can I personalise?

You can choose any leather colour & product from our catalogue and use it as a starting point for your design.

From there you can customise the: colour combinations, shape, size and thread stitching colour, or tell us if you want anything extra. You can also request something which isn't currently available on our website and we will assess if this is possible.

Scroll down and explore all our customisation options.

Product sustainability

All our leather products are handmade in our workshop in Vienna using the finest quality, vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. Our leather comes from a family-run tannery in Tuscany, Italy and is certified by the "Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium (Pelle al Vegetale)". The leather is tanned using only natural raw materials in a traditional and eco-friendly process. No chrome is used in the tanning process.

In our commitment to sustainability, we actively work to minimise overproduction. As a result, certain products may temporarily appear as out of stock. Thank you for joining us in creating a more sustainable future.
We use solely acid-free, FSC and PEFC-certified paper made in traditional paper mills in Europe. All our notebooks are printed in Vienna with eco-friendly, vegetable-based inks.

contact l'atelier team

If you would like to contact the l'atelier team directly for any reason, you can do so at atelier@paper-republic.com

tell us your dream product

the l'atelier team will review your request

we'll hand craft your product

you'll get it usually within 4-6 weeks

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the journey to your unique companion

All the products crafted at l'atelier are made-to-order, one piece at a time and to your specifications. ​

To bring your dream companion to life, we'll need to understand your preferences for the leather piece, colour, dimensions, and all the specific details you have in mind. Below, you'll discover some of the customisation options available to you.

Follow the guide!

1. choose your leather product

Let our products and collections inspire your creativity as you design your very own piece.

What can we craft for you?

leather journal​, leather portfolio​
leather laptop case​, leather wallet ​
leather pen case​, leather pen loop
​or you can request a fully customised leather piece

2. choose your design & dimensions

We can craft your dream product in any size you prefer. What dimensions are your favourite?​

[pocket], A6​, [xl], B6, A5​, A4, A3
or a custom design and dimensions

3. choose your leather colours

Below are the colours we have available for you to choose from at l'atelier (subject to availability):

standard colours:
cognac, black, red, chestnut, olive green, petrol blue and natural

special edition colours:
firenze, venezia, stardust, supernova, botany, midnight blue, rustic rose, tuscan grey and navy blue

If you desire a combination of multiple colours, kindly provide us with precise details about the placement of each colour when you reach out to us.​

4. choose your thread colour

While our standard portfolios, wallets, and other stitched products feature thread colours matching the leather, your unique creation allows you the freedom to select a completely different thread colour for a distinct contrast.

5. choose your ribbon colours

You have the creative freedom to select one or multiple colours for the cover ribbon(s) and spine ribbon(s). In case of multiple colours, kindly provide detailed information on the positioning of each ribbon when you reach out to us.​

Below are the colours we have available for you to choose from at l'atelier (subject to availability):

black, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, dark brown, red wine and turquoise blue

6. choose your embossing

The ultimate personalisation is in the embossing, let us know:​

- which letters or characters you'd like us to emboss​
- the position of your embossing​
- the colour of your embossing: standard (no foil), gold, silver, blue, orange, pink, white, red or green

7. add refills

Tailor your one-of-a-kind companion to perfectly meet your needs by selecting the notebooks and refills you wish to include.

Explore our range and let our team know which additional items you'd like to include to your order.

8. it's all in the details

Please feel free to provide us with further information about your customisation preferences or any additional products you'd like to include in your order.

If you wish, you can also share a sketch or drawing to illustrate your ideas.

we look forward to hearing from you

Evelyn, Steffi and the atelier team