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Some conversations between us or with friends,
like those after-party discussions in the kitchen.
From us, for you, or the occasion of sharing some insights into paper republic,
into our company, our products and our secrets.


[paper talks] #3

"around the world, around the world"

This is theme of the newest episode of our talk show. Throughout the discussion between Jerome, Ranee and a mysterious third guest, you will find out just how global and international paper republic is, from our team, to our customers, to our partners!

It turns out that the mysterious guest is quite a philosopher! Who is he? Where is he from? What does he think about the rich diversity of languages we have at paper republic? How does he think being an immigrant from around the world has impacted him as an individual? Join us for the signature paper republic time of philosophy and fun!

episode #3

[paper talks]

around the world, around the world

the paper republic talk show

[paper talks] #2

"how creativity leads to paper republic, and paper republic to creativity"

In this second episode, Jérôme talks about the raison d'être of paper republic: creativity. Everyone has an innate need to create, and that to create you need a pen and paper.

The episode will also feature a special guest that you don't often get to see: Elisa, who takes care of our product development. Elisa explains how we include our team and customers in our product development. Everyone's creativity is valued at paper republic!

And most importantly, find out who at paper republic hates creamy spinach, and what time of day paper republic would be if it were a time of day! Hint: it's not early morning ;)

episode #2

[paper talks]

how creativity leads to paper republic, and paper republic to creativity

the paper republic talk show

[paper talks] #1

“how it started, where it's going”

In this first episode of the paper republic talk show, Jérôme reveals secrets about the beginnings of paper republic and tells us about his "wow haha moments" (yes, that's what he said) as an entrepreneur.
Steffi will tell us more about about the long and exciting road to becoming the most sustainable notebook producer in the world.

What are our projects, our goals, our dreams?
How well do Jérôme and Steffi know our own products, and team members?

episode #1

[paper talks]

how it started, where it’s going

conversations with friends

On their mutual love for paper and crafts, and on their very unique use of their journals for their work, their hobby... or both.

Conversation with friends

Christian Kölling

hotel manager of 25hours Vienna

Conversations with friends

Joyce Lee

calligraphy artist

Conversations with friends

Alfredo Zucchi

consultant & writer