the crowdfunding campaign is now closed.

we reached 100% of our goal

Thank you to everyone who joined the revolution. We were successful and reached 100% of our goal. Below you can see the original campaign and find out more about why we started the revolution.

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Join the resistance against bad notebooks!

Welcome to the PRR: the Paper Republic Revolution. 

This is our first ever crowd investing campaign through which we aim to be the best notebook producer in the world.

You are just one step away from entering the most exclusive circle of paper republic members who will get unique benefits and bonuses.

jérôme bacquias 
founder & managing director

see the original crowdfunding page

If you would like to see the details of our crowdfunding campaign, you can visit the external website to see our presenation and our goals.

what the PRR is about

help us become the best notebook brand

We want to invest in some exciting projects and products, and become 100% carbon neutral, and need your help to get things done. 

get exclusive benefits

Investors will join the most exclusive circle of paper republic members and will enjoy unique benefits, discounts and offers. 

invest in paper republic success

Investors will get attractive interest rates for the time of their investment (5 years)

join us on the paper republic journey

We want you to be part of our success and story. We'll keep you updated before anyone else. Depending on your investment, you'll also have the ability to join our official advisory board. 

The acquisition of this investment is associated with considerable risks and could lead to the complete loss of the invested capital.