Unser Team

Wir haben uns alle lieb!

Hinter jedem Produkt steckt eine Geschichte.

Eine sehr persönliche Geschichte. Lange Diskussionen bei einer Tasse Tee oder Kaffee. Viele gemeinsame Mittagessen an einem mittlerweile zu kleinen Tisch. An so manchen kalten Winterarbeitstagen teilen wir uns gemeinschaftlich eine Wärmeflasche. Lange Telefonate mit Freunden & Freundinnen, Kunden & Kundinnen, Handwerkern & Handwerkerinnen und verrückten Geschäftspartnern & Geschäftspartnerinnen.

Tonnenweise Papier und Leder. Viel Geduld und Engagement. Einige Fehler. Große Träume & kleine Schritte. Sorgfalt & Respekt. Willkommen bei der paper republic Familie!

Lerne uns näher kennen

Lerne die Menschen, die deine Produkte mit Sorgfalt und Liebe fertigen und versenden, ein bisschen besser kennen.


aka: Nastunia
mother tongue: a mix of galician & central ukrainian dialect
official job: e-commerce specialist
secret job: moshpit starter
dream: every ukrainian's dream


aka: Ani
mother tongue: bulgarian
official job: fullfilment specialist
secret job: circus performer
dream: to be always happy


aka: Anita
mother tongue:
official job: EACO (everything administrative and customisation officer)
secret job: interior designer
dream: a summer lake house in Sweden


aka: Carmenita
mother tongue: romanian
official job: leather designer & production officer
secret job: modelling
dream: to become a singer


aka: the one with the really french name, but who isn't french
mother tongue: denglish
official job: CSO (creative direction and shop officer)
secret job: professional couch-potato
dream: to eat endless amounts of delicious food without ever feeling full


aka: Evi
mother tongue: spanish (paísa)
official job: everything I can
secret job: electro dancer
dream: to talk with animals


aka: Gabrielitto
mother tongue: patagonian spanish
official job: a man for everything
secret job: time traveller
dream: travel the world by bike


aka: Hanni
mother tongue: wiener hochdeutsch 
official job: GMM (good mood master)
secret job: dog trainer 
dream: to get my letter from Hogwarts


aka: chef
mother tongue: annoying french
official job: CEO (chief everything officer)
secret job: playmobil builder
dream: to be a whisk(e)y taster


aka: Jimo
mother tongue: mexican spanish
official job: purchasing specialist
secret job: tv soccer coach
dream: travelling for free


aka: Johaaa
mother tongue: boring austrian german
official job: CCO (customer care officer)
secret job: kaiserschmarrn expert
dream: to have a big garden


aka: Heidi
mother tongue: ordinary high german
official job: LAE (leather account executive)
secret job: mountain explorer
dream: the "one piece" treasure


aka: Tschuli
mother tongue: austrian german
official job: leather specialist
secret job: children coach
dream: for everyone to be able to express their uniqueness


aka: Karo
mother tongue: hungarian/ serbian
official job: production specialist
secret job: professional sleeper
dream: to be a witch and live in a cottage


aka: Churra
mother tongue: georgian
official job: JSMO (junior sewing machine operator)
secret job: spaghetti carbonara pre-taster
dream: to become a spaghetti master


aka: Ánh Dương
mother tongue: vietnamese
official job: social media marketing girlie
secret job: professional series binger
dream: have a magic door that can bring me anywhere


aka: Ronja Räubertochter
mother tongue: incomprehensible vorarlbergian alemannic
official job: CSO (chief stacking officer)
secret job: chicken farmer
dream: fulfilled


aka: Bexie
mother tongue: kazakstan russian
official job: ribbon CEO
secret job: professional cake eater
dream: teleportation ability


aka: Flower child
mother tongue: lower-austrian slang
official job: SLE (senior leather executive)
secret job: hotel operator in bali
dream: to time travel back to the 90s


aka: Pomps
mother tongue: porteño (Buenos Aires spanish)
official job: CBP (chief book-keeper & photographer)
secret job: knights and dragons story teller
dream: to go to a big ice cream parlour & try all its flavors


aka: Mayaaalein
mother tongue: german
official job: SO (shop officer)
secret job: DJ at parties
dream: to live on the beach


aka: Maxi
mother tongue: frengerish
official job: FAM (fix anything master)
secret job: handyman
dream: to have my own private skilift


aka: Noe
mother tongue: spanish
official job: inventory manager
secret job: healthy food scavenger
dream: I hope to be remembered fondly by those who have been a part of my life.


aka: Paulinha
mother tongue: spanish (porteño)
official job: KA (katana master)
secret job: chocolate expert
dream: to get paid to travel the world


aka: ms. Hewer, inventor of the currywurst
mother tongue: some other strange austrian dialect
official job: SOS (sustainability officer Steffi)
secret job: sandal designer
dream: to have a mobile garden (with a tiny villa)


aka: Khal Drogo
mother tongue: totally unknown upper-austrian dialect
official job: SKO (swiss knife officer)
secret job: lion king imitator
dream: to travel all the time


aka: Bonbon
mother tongue: peruvian spanish
official job: CFO (chief fulfilment officer)
secret job: cake magician
dream: winning the lottery