Our vegetable-tanned vachetta leather comes from a family-run tannery in Tuscany, Italy. It is certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium (Pelle al Vegetale), guaranteeing that the hides are tanned using only natural raw materials in a traditional and eco-friendly process.

Tannins are used to tan the leather.
They are vegetable extracts, powders extracted from plants such as Quebracho, Mimosa and chestnut trees. No chrome is used in the tanning process. Once the leather is tanned, it can be used as is or dyed.

It is coloured using aniline dyes, a synthetic chemical of organic nature. Aniline dyes are soluble in water and can colour leather without covering the natural grain of its surface. All the dyes used for our leather respect the European REACH protocol.

Why no vegan leather?

We are currently researching vegan leather options for our journals. We still haven’t found a suitable alternative: Nearly all vegan leathers contain plastic, which is simply not an option for us. This doesn’t only concern the look & feel, but also the durability of the product.