Hi there,

1749 - sired by Grimur - two lambs expected in 145 days. 
Does this seem like gibberish to you? Trust me, it isn't: this piece of information is of the utmost importance to Valur. 
Valur is a sheep farmer in Iceland, and he needs to keep track of his sheep and rams all year round, especially during birthing season.
And you guessed it: to facilitate farm management and stay up to date on the state of his sheep, Valur uses our paper republic [pocket] notebooks! As you can see, a simple, paper notebook comes in handy in every possible situation and profession!

So let's have a short crash course on farm management
Every year in spring, the farmer lets rams in with his sheep. One ram will stay with one group of sheep, in closed quarters, for about a week.
The farmer needs to keep track of which ram has been with which sheep and when.
In his [pocket] notebook, Valur writes down the name of the ram (e.g. Grimur), the number of every sheep he has been with (the sheep are tagged with numbers) and the date at which each sheep was sired. The sheep are then scanned, and Valur can write down how many lambs each sheep is expecting.

Lambing season is the most stressful time of the year for farmers. They need to check on their sheep regularly, to see if they need help with giving birth.
Thanks to his sheep birthing journal, Valur always knows at what time which one of his sheep will give birth!

Valur needs to access his log book easily and at any time. He keeps all this detailed and important information in a simple but practical plain [pocket] notebook, paired with a [pocket] planner.
As a perfect addition to his notebooks, the farmer will soon be receiving a grand voyageur [pocket] leather cover in which he can keep them clean, tidy and undamaged.

And the best part: the journal fits perfectly into the inner pocket of his overalls, where he keeps it safe and easily accessible at all times!
So what did we learn today?
 one perfect notebook + an organised farmer = happy and healthy sheep! BAAAH :)

Greetings from ram Grimur (photo above), farmer Valur and myself,



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