Hi there,

After six months working at paper republic, I believe it's about time we met! 

I'm Leo. My journey at paper republic started in fulfilment - maybe I've even prepared one of your orders!
As of now, I will be doing some more writing and translating for paper republic, and you will be getting a newsletter from me once in a while.

I got my grand voyageur [pocket] in olive green in September and - because one isn't enough - I got a grand voyageur [xl] in petrol blue a couple of months later, which I started using for my language lessons.

I live and breathe in three languages - English, French and German. If I had a superpower, I would want to speak ALL the languages in the world - fluently! 

Staying on the realistic side of things though, my fascination for languages and my curiosity for different scripts led me to start learning Persian.

Let me share with you some of my favourite fun expressions:

kalle khar = donkey head (stubborn)
shotormorgh = camel chicken (ostrich)
sarmâ khordan = to eat cold (to catch a cold)

I use my grand voyageur [xl] to keep track of all the new vocabulary I learn (fully aware that my Persian handwriting must look like a ten-year-old's).
My first notebook filled up quite quickly, so I got myself a ruled book refill to have more space. The lay-flat binding also comes in really useful for writing from right to left on both pages!

In addition to my Persian notebook, my grand voyageur [xl] holds my weekly planner. I write in it daily, and also use it as a scrapbook. Paired with my grand voyageur [pocket], home to random notes, checklists, doodles and quotes, and my Kaweco fountain pen, I feel I have mastered the art of organisation and style! 
Well... there's probably still room for improvement...

On that note, keep writing and stay curious (and organised)!

Warm regards from Vienna,