I only have one thing written in my personal 2021 planner and it might not even happen. I begin to worry: my planner is empty; nothing is going to happen. 
But that is fleeting, and I am buoyed by the hopes which come with these empty pages; it means the future is simply unwritten. 
The glacial tongue I'm standing on provides an indifferent contrast to my temporary worries - a reminder of how momentary they are. Time, like the glacier, continues to move imperceptibly underfoot regardless if we worry or do not.    
A reminder that things go on, and so, I should welcome the future with positivity, for it is all one can do.
I have written one thing and I'll do my best to do it.
Then, hopefully, I can write one more, and another, and another and soon the story of 2021 will be told without even noticing.
I hope yours flows smoothly too.
Happy 2021,
Everything Digital Officer