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bullet journal bloggers

Bullet Journal Bloggers

We've gathered a list of over 50 bullet journal bloggers you should be following in 2019. Take a look, use them as inspiration and then start writing your own bullet journal (and if you're totally new to bullet journaling, we've also put together a helpful BuJo guide).

Marlena at A Pen And A Purpose

A licensed psychologist and with a Masters in Business, Marlena is well-placed to offer self-improvement advice and teaches her readership how to break negative thought patterns.

Rachael at All About Planners

As the name suggests, Rachael is a self-confessed planning addict, offering reviews and resources on her website.

Alejandra at Best Personal Planner

Alejandra focuses on teaching individuals how to prioritise, organise and make the most of their time.

Annie at Blossoms and Bullet Journals

In addition to bullet journal plans each month, Annie also publishes book reviews and creative tips on her site.

Kara at Boho Berry

Operating since 2015, Kara helps her readers to live better and achieve their goals through mindfulness, goal-setting and personal development.

Crystal at Bullet Journal Addict

Crystal provides a number of useful resources on her website, offering tips on how to use a bullet journal for everything from meal plans to fitness tracking.

Kim at Bullet Journal Joy

Using a variety of hand-crafted tools, Kim writes about her own bullet journals and offers advice and ideas to her readers on best practices

Kimmy at Bumble Created

Based in Melbourne, Kimmy offers a range of unique artwork which users can add to their own bullet journals.

Christina at Christina Georgiou

Christina aims to helps fellow creatives set up and organise their bullet journals to simplify their lives and achieve their goals.

Megan at Compass & Ink

Providing a number of bullet journal hacks, Megan's site also offers resources and tips on how to create a junk journal made from recycled items.

Thass and Kirsty at Diary of a Journal Planner

Sharing tutorials and inspiration, Thass and Kirsty help readers combine planning with creativity to organise their lives.

Estée at Drinking Tea With Me

Estée is a Dutch bullet journal blogger, sharing her favourite tools and offering a wealth of tips and ideas.

A bullet journaling tip from Estée:

"If there is one thing that I learned about bullet journaling, then I would say that you should never give up. Sometimes a weekly spread will fail and all you want to do is tear it apart. Shred that page to pieces, take a deep breath and start over. Your first spreads will be messy but practice makes perfect. Find your own style and enjoy the beauty of journaling."

Claire at Heart Handmade

For almost a decade, Claire has provided a number of quick and easy tutorials to assist readers with their journaling.

BuJo layout tip from Claire:

"I love bullet journals but my journey actually started with me attempting to copy stunning layouts I found on Pinterest and ended up giving up for 6 months. It took that long for me to realise that my journal doesn't have to look like that, layouts don't have to take very long to create and they don't need to be intricate. Which is why I even wrote a book containing all of the stress-free, easy methods to use when starting a bullet journal. It doesn't have to be complicated!"

Laura at I Heart Planners

Laura is an enthusiastic planner and organiser, providing tips and inspiration for productivity around the home.

Elizabeth at Jihi Elephant

Started after her trip to Cambodia in 2017, Elizabeth aims to share her positive living message through the posts and resources on her website.

A tip for BuJo beginners from Elizabeth:

"I recommend that no matter how long you have been bullet journaling, but especially for beginners, that you take it slow. Do not start out with every layout known to man. Start simple and then once you've gotten the hang of it, slowly add new layouts like trackers, etc. to try them out. If a certain layout does not work for you, there is no reason why you would need to use it. Every bullet journal is valid, even if it does not include stereotypical bullet journal layouts. "

Helen at Journal With Purpose

Aiming to inspire her readers to create memorable journals, Helen provides tutorials and downloads on her website - and has also been featured on podcasts and in print media.

Kerry at Kerrymay Makes

Kerry loves crafts, planning and artwork - using her blog posts to inspire and share a number of different journal types.

Bullet journal tracking tip from Kerry:

Keep things in your bullet journal that you can keep referring back to. I love to use my bullet journal to keep lists in order and to track things. I love adding packing lists for my holiday, films to watch and my current weight loss journey and goals. I don't use mine for every day planning, but more as a lists journal I can up date each week.

Whitney at Life By Whitney

Whitney offers a number of bullet journaling resources for beginners with an online shop and video tutorials.

Planning tip from Whitney:

"I always tell my students the importance of having a plan before they start journaling. It's this plan that defines the whole purpose of why you're journaling in the first place. And once you have that plan, you'll be able to discover your productivity again and accomplish anything."

Jenniffer at Life Is Messy And Brilliant

Providing a range of printables and free digital stickers, Jenniffer also offers bullet journal tips through her informative blog.

Shelby at Little Coffee Fox

The Little Coffee Fox website, run by Shelby and her team, provides useful information on starting bullet journals, hand lettering and blogs.

Rose at Little Miss Rose

Rose offers monthly outlines and inspirational content for those interested in keeping a bullet journal.

Megan at Living Between The Lines

A recent college graduate herself, Megan provides handy dorm decor tips for current students - as well as productivity and self-care tips.

Claire at Minimal Plan

Based in Paris, Claire uses her Minimal Plan site to share tips on how to keep personal and professional projects on track to build a productive life.

Nicola at My Inner Creative

Practising positivity and self-care, Nicola's site offers reviews of popular bullet journals and monthly planning tips.

Cristina at My Life In A Bullet

A stationery addict, Cristina reviews a number of products related to journaling, as well as providing YouTube tutorials and guides.

Marieke at My Life In Dots

Marieke provides helpful tips and monthly spreads - including ideas for how to keep a pet tracker in your bullet journal.

Hannah at One Night Plans

Hannah's posts on One Night Plans usually focus on productivity, goal setting and self-improvement, in addition to product reviews.

Jo at Oops A Daisy

Jo shares her ideas and thoughts on bullet journaling on Oops A Daisy, which also contains an online store and tutorial videos.

Jo says to keep experimenting with your bullet journal:

“Bullet journaling can be hugely therapeutic, Oops a Daisy stencils are designed to help make the process simple and even though my drawing skills are pretty basic I can add design detail to my pages easily. I like nothing better than sitting down on a Sunday afternoon to plan out my week. My big tip for anyone new to journaling would be to remember there are no rules! Your journal needs to work for you and no one else – experiment and enjoy it!”

Megan at Page Flutter

Page Flutter, created by Megan, is a place for a range of resources on creative living and bullet journal tips.

Camille at Passion Carnets

Camille offers inspirational ideas for mood tracking journals, as well as reviewing a number of journals and stationery items.

Mélanie at Petite Mélanie

In addition to journaling tips, Mélanie's site also contains details of how she used her bullet journal when travelling to Toronto, Rome and New York.

Cindy at Plan Another Day

Sharing a wide variety of planning tips, Cindy documents how her everyday life is benefitted by using a bullet journal.

Ady at Plan With Ady

Ady offers monthly planning tips, as well as useful posts on how to use your bullet journal to track your moods and habits.

Rachel at Planning Mindfully

With a focus on mindfulness and time management, Rachel aims to help her readership to take control of their lives.

Natascha at Planning Routine

Offering examples of daily, weekly and monthly spreads, Natascha provides inspiration on all things related to bullet journals.

Rachael at Planning with Maggie Rae

Rachael helps her readers boost their productivity and organisational skills through the art of journaling.

A tip for keeping organised from Rachael:

"I like to encourage my readers to use an organization system that works for them. Just because it works for others doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. So make sure to be creative and invent your own spreads to suit your needs. That way you’ll be as productive as possible."

Jessica at Pretty Prints and Paper

With lettering and calligraphy workshops in her home state of Minnesota, Jessica's site also features inspirational ideas and helpful tips.

Bullet journal life tips from Jessica:

“I think the bullet journal system is a perfect metaphor for life. As I've learned to experiment, fail, and grow with my system, I've learned to experiment, fail, and grow with my own life."

Georgina at Productive and Pretty

The team at Productive and Pretty offer articles on how to increase productivity, interspersed with journal and stationary reviews.

Anick at Productive Happiness

An avid reader, Anick inspires her readers to take charge of their happiness using her productivity tips and techniques.

Emma at Puddleside Musings

Emma blogs about crafts, snail mail and journals at Puddleside Musings - recently focusing on amigurumi.

Jestine at Rediscover Analog

At Rediscover Analog, Jes blogs about how she has used the bullet journal method to organise her life without the need for smartphone apps or digital tools.

Slav and Draga at Seed Successful You

Offering advice on all types of writing - from blogging to bullet journals - Slav and Draga have a wide variety of resources available on their website.

A bullet journal tip from Draga:

"We want to inspire people to become more organized and take control of their time. Bullet journaling is a great way to track your habits and make positive changes in your life. If you are new to bullet journaling, don’t worry about the page order and following the rules. Create a system that works for you."

Sheena at Sheena of the Journal

Sheena writes about her strategies for bringing organisation and balance to life through the medium of journaling.

Sheylara at Sheylara

Blogging for fifteen years, Sheylara shares excerpts from her own entries and tips for maintaining monthly bullet journals.

Tara at Slightly Sorted

Tara aims to improve her reader's lives by providing tips and tricks on journaling, self-care and other topics.

Organizing & self-care benefits from Tara:

"It's lovely to know that my posts have helped Slightly Sorted readers to discover the joys of bullet journaling and improve their organizing and self-care routines. I'm always on the look-out for new ideas to help people get even more out of their bujos!"

Tracey at Space and Quiet

Offering innovative ideas for decorating journals, Tracey also helps people to achieve their goals with a variety of bullet journal tips.

Nancy at Sweet Planit

Nancy shares her planning and bullet journaling experiences at Sweet Planit, offering motivational advice along the way.

Gem at The Goal Chaser

The Goal Chaser features productivity, mindfulness and organisational tips from the site's owner, Gem.

Erin at The Petite Planner

With a dedicated e-course for journaling, Erin's purpose is to increase people's confidence and assist with lettering and doodling techniques.

Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kim's Tiny Ray of Sunshine contains a range of useful resources, including a free bullet journal reference guide and other creative experiments.

Shannon at Wellella

With a focus on time management and self-discipline, Shannon offers tips for bullet journal beginners and product reviews.

Sandra at Wundertastisch

Sandra provides a range of organisational printables on Wundertastisch, as well as inspirational blog posts advising on avoiding burnout and time management tips.

Kat at Zen of Planning

Offering a number of resources and guides, Kat's Zen of Planning has plenty of useful journaling hacks and tips.

Dee at Decade Thirty

Dee has a passion for stationery and crafts, and her blogs also feature competitions and giveaways.

Kate at Kate Louise

A bullet journal obsessive, Kate users her website to offer a variety of planning templates and inspirational tips.

Marilyn at Les Mari-Listes

French-Canadian blogger Marilyn offers hints and tips on bullet journaling with monthly outlines.

Nittany at Nittany Bujo

Providing useful guides, Nittany's blog provides an intriguing insight into the thought processes behind her bullet journal layout.

Sabina at The Journal Tea

Sabina offers bullet journal tips, including a planning tool for social media posts.

Start your bullet journal today

We hope you have found this curated list of bullet journal bloggers useful - there is no shortage of useful hints and tips available from the authors featured in this article.

Have you been inspired you to start your own bullet journal? Our range of leather journals can be personalised with your initials on the cover - the perfect start to your own journaling experience.