As most of us at paper republic are working from home these days, we've extra time on our hands so we've been using our grand voyageurs a little differently. These are the top 5 of things we use our grand voyageur for while in home office

1. Day dreaming

We find ourselves staring out of the window a lot, daydreaming and fantasising about all the things we will do when this is all over.

2. Taking time for art

Some of us always wanted to learn how to do calligraphy. For others it's been years since they were painting. It's time to get creative again. There has to be a box with art supplies somewhere in the apartment...

3. Doodling during meetings

Is it us or is it harder to focus during the numerous video meetings? Our grand voyageurs are full of doodles these days...

4. Writing poems or a novel

We got in so many refill orders this week, we suspect people are writing novels these days. We want to hear all about it!

5. Declaring love

As we are in social isolation, we all have people we dearly miss these days. It's a good time to write love letters (or to keep our love a secret and write about it in our journal).
How do you use your grand voyageur these days? We'd love to hear about it! We started to share some of your amazing creations on Instagram. Follow us here.
All illustrations are made by our lovely designer and illustrator Maria Vallverdu