Hi everyone,

With so many wonderful options of leather journals, portfolios, paper refills, pens and more, we know how challenging it can sometimes be to choose the perfect gift for your friends and family.
This is why we put together the ultimate paper republic gift guide. We hope it will inspire you and help you choose the perfect gifts. So with no further ado, we present to you the staff favourites, the gifts we love to get our friends for all kinds of occasions. 

Staff pick #1: Ranee - A "dream book" in the ruled book refill [xl]

Ranee "For both myself and my best friend, I got what I like to call a "dream book": a notebook which we would keep by our beds, in order to write down our dreams as soon as we wake up, before they vanish completely. I chose a ruled book refill [xl] (it opens flat, even on the bed), to which I attached a pen loop as a way of minimising the effort of looking for a pen when I am still half asleep. I can't wait to go through these pages again in a few months and reconnect with my subconscious self!

Staff pick #2: Viktoria - the petrol blue grand voyageur [pocket]

Viktoria: "I'm always fascinated by the different leather colours of paper republic journals. My all-time favourite is the petrol blue, as it is quite rare and difficult to find in leather businesses, and the patina develops so nicely over time. I love buying the grand voyageur [pocket] leather journal for my friends and adding their initials in gold embossing. It's a guaranteed hit!"

Staff pick #3: Paul - the gift card

Paul: "What colour do you like best? That's the question I always ask my friends after they see my grand voyageur, because I know sooner or later I will get them one as a gift.
Usually they don't know what colour they want. Sometimes I get them the colour I think they would like best and 9/10 I get it right. There is always that one "particular" friend...
So now, when I have a friend who prefers to choose for themselves, I get them a paper republic gift card. I'm not a fan of plastic gift cards and that is why I like the paper republic gift card so much: It is made from high-quality paper and looks so stylish and unique that I usually end up with more compliments for the gift card itself than the value inside!
It's also very easy: simply pick an amount, write the name of who is going to and paper republic hand-makes and writes the card, before sending it via quick postage. Oh, and for those fellow last-minute type of people, there is even a digital version for that last-minute but perfect gift!

Staff pick #4: Siri - the dotted refills

Siri: "I've gifted the dotted book refill [xl] several times already. It's great for friends who are already passionate about writing, as they will appreciate the smooth paper. However it's also a nice gift for those who want to start a bullet journal but never got to it. The paper works really well with brush pens and fineliners, as well as fountain pens. If you're budget for a gift is a bit lower, you can also start out with the thinner, 48 pages dotted refill
P.S. You can read Siri's tips on how to start bullet journaling here.

Staff pick #5: Leo - the porte-plume

Leo: "My best friend is an artist and loves to draw and sketch outside. Only, she's a bit on the chaotic side and tends to lose or break the pencils and brushes she stuffs into her bag. For her last birthday, I got her a cognac porte-plume with her initials embossed on it, which she has carried with her ever since, with all her drawing instruments safely tucked inside.
She never misses an occasion to show off her stylish pencil case, and always gets super enthusiastic reactions. Quickly, this one-time birthday present became one of my favourite gifts to give to my friends or family members who love to write and draw - it's a great success every time!"

Warm greetings - from the whole paper republic team!