We recently launched our new limited edition artist series
Not only did we want to bring joy, beauty and inspiration to your journal with these different and colourful notebooks in sizes [xl] and [pocket], we also wanted to give these three talented artists the opportunity to share their creations with the world.
Today, I would like to give you a little glimpse of the design process behind the artist series. We will start with Bernadette Vigl, who designed the notebooks entitled playing & growing

nature, design & tattoos

"I grew up in the mountains of Vorarlberg in Austria and I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. As a kid, I drew what I saw, and since I was surrounded by nature, I drew flowers, leaves, landscapes and birds.
When I moved to Vienna and became a graphic designer, I started to think more about abstraction, negative space, composition and interaction of colour. A while ago, I started a new journey in the field of tattooing. There, I learned how to draw in a more respectful and conscious way: you draw things that will stay on another person's skin forever!

My childhood in nature, graphic design and tattooing all influence what I draw and how I draw. If you look closely, you can find a bit of everything in these notebooks."

Watch her video here.

growing on paper

"I believe we all play and grow inside our journals. When you grab a pen and write in your notebook, you write to keep your thoughts together, define goals, or redefine them. Maybe you write about past happenings or future plans. This is what I call growing."

paper play
Bernadette continues: "And sometimes you just go ahead and draw, and fill the blank pages with whatever is inside your head. Maybe it is colours, lines, pictures, music notes, melodic rhythms and poetry, that will find their way into your journal. Or maybe it’s a just little brain fart - it does not always have to be deep and meaningful. This, to me, is all about playing."

love at first sight

"Not long ago, I ordered an olive green grand voyageur journal, and fell in love with the paper republic concept of interchangable notebooks and  with the look and feel of the leather. Oh, and that smooth paper... it's an honour to have my designs as part of the paper republic collection. I truly hope it inspires you to grow & play on paper."
- Bernadette 

Thank you for your beautiful designs, Bernadette, and for the fantastic photos by Manuel Peric!

Which artist series 2021 notebook is your favourite? Let us know! 


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