branded editions

gifts which last

We create good-looking and authentic custom editions or corporate gifts that will make your brand stand apart.

From only 10 pieces.

Custom editions don't have to be expensive to be nice, or hopelessly ugly to be inexpensive; don't need to be paid 3 months in advance to maybe get them delivered on time and they don't need to be ordered in massive bulk to be affordable - all to be thrown away after a few weeks.

We believe that great custom editions should be a milestone in the journey of your customers with your brand and help you create a special bond over time.

Customise our leather journals and create companions for a lifetime with your logo, i.e. unique journals and accessories from the very best materials that will last, and which your customers or staff will actually use, every day, month after month and year after year.

you are in good hands

All our journals and accessories are 100% customisable, from the leather colour to the paper notebooks, the positioning of the logo, the ribbons and the packaging.

Our dedicated B2B Team is here to help you in person, from the initial quote to the professional free mock-up with your logo through to the final delivery. And since we actually produce what we sell, we are able to do it quickly if your project is urgent.

This is why some of the most renowned brands, corporations and museums trust us.

PS: B2B discounts apply from only 10 pieces.

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