paper republic x The Dybdahl Co.

the illustrated book series

Our special edition debuts the beloved book series featuring printed covers with select illustrations in collaboration with our friends at The Dybdahl Co.

From now on available in all sizes: [pocket], [xl] & [a4], ensuring there's an ideal fit for every need and preference.

The illustrations are spread across the front and back covers, giving each side its own composition, whilst making a bigger piece when the book is opened.

the reef collection

Joyful, surprising, fun and fishy-looking: explore the colourful underwater world with these detailed illustrations dating from the early 1800s.

the japan collection

Depicting the delicate atmosphere and motifs from Japanese culture with artworks from the Ukiyo-e period of the 1900s

Why The Dybdahl Co.?

Our collaboration is with a brand with the same values & philosophy as us - who are dedicated to handmaking products and using natural materials within Europe. We have known Henrik Dybdahl and his team for many years, and we have seen the company grow in that time, continually expanding their collection of unique illustrations and designs.

Henrik and his team call themselves “heritage adventurers”. They spend their time going to auctions, archives, libraries and museums where illustrative rare books are waiting to be found, searching for "visual gold from the past", and bringing the beauty of these artworks to a new audience.

The team reproduce these historic illustrations often enhancing, repairing or adding something to perfect the originals without losing their charm.

the perfect companion

for your journal or portfolio

The book refill is the perfect fit for your leather journal or portfolio. Just add the refills and attach them inside your journal with our ribbon system to create your own personalised journal.

paper republic x The Dybdahl Co.

A collaboration destined for a special edition

We love working with like minded partners and it is always a joy when you find others with similar beliefs, styles and ways of working. We have admired The Dybdahl Co. for their dedication to finding artworks and bringing them to the world.

They have spent hours searching through collections in old and rare books and are on a discovery of finding thousands of fascinating images from different parts of the world and time periods which were drawn to explain topics and educate people.

Beyond that, like us, they are a small team of passionate workers, and visiting them was like being at home: a love for design, trust in customers, an open space full of plants where warehouse/production and office live together, working by hand with traditional materials and practices for products which are made to last for life.