I have been thinking a lot about the best attitude to have in these uncertain times.
We've been lucky at paper republic that the impact has not stopped us. Due to how we work - we make our own products ourselves, in our own workshop - we have been able to keep working, and in fact, we have seen an increase in our production and continued support from our customers. 
That isn't something we are bragging about, rather we see paper republic as a community of people and values and while we appreciate the support given to us, we also feel an obligation to the people around us who worry or suffer (as we all feel in our own way unique to everyone).

Mask republic is our attempt to help. Our vision: create a re-usable, washable mask that protects effectively, looks good and is highly breathable. We wanted to make it here in Vienna and provide work to our community.

We've found an extraordinary partner in Borealis who has had the courage and vision to follow us on this crazy journey. For mask republic, they decided to launch the production of a high-tech melt-blown filter on their R&D line.

Yes, exactly the same kind of filter that you find in surgical masks. We then let the best tailors in Vienna sew these filters directly into the best cotton fabric available.

The result: 4x time filtration than regular DIY fabric masks (tested in Borealis laboratory) and high breath-ability, work for small business owners and a much need touch of design and colour on your face.

We have now released two new patterns with a new "around the ear" ribbon. 

As part of this initiative, for every 3 masks that are sold, we donate 1 extra to those in need in the local community, from schools to care homes, and many more who need it.

Paula from the fulfillment team and myself are smiling at you

Find more information on www.mask-republic.eu