Where is home?

A feeling will come to you when you hear that word, “home”.

It may be a feeling which can be reached with closed eyes.

It may be a physical place where one has remained, bound fast and rooted deep.

A place which may not yet exist.

For the restless few, home exists as a place only to be left behind.

For me, home is far away, now, awaiting me always,

a green blur, a kaleidoscopic field stretching out, ridged peaks casting shadows upon the valleys; isolated, remote, but full with the sounds of nature, free from man’s hands.

Where I am but a visitor, at the bosom of Gaia, mother, who watches us pass, fleeting shapes of fury against her slow-moving bulk.

Home is however far I go, on the road, along the way.

It’s what I’ve taken with me, what’s inside me;

a comforting glow.

Wherever. I am home.




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I find myself at home in these pictures I share with you. I had very little with me, but I had everything I needed.

To wherever you are at home,


Everything Digital Officer