Imagine seeing one of our hand-made leather journals branded with the logo of your company, art gallery, NGO, sports club, festival, or your (rock)band... Now, wouldn't that be something special?

You might not know we offer bespoke journals, starting from only 10 pieces! Why not make a custom grand voyageur into a super original and sustainable piece of merchandising? May it be for the holiday season or as a very special token of appreciation for your employees or fans in this challenging year...There are endless opportunities with such a timeless piece of craftsmanship (we make every piece by hand!).

We believe merchandise and corporate gifts DON’T have to be expensive to be nice, or hopelessly ugly to be inexpensive; DON’T need to be paid 3 months in advance to maybe get them delivered on time and they DON’T need to be ordered in massive bulk to be affordable (why we start at a minimum of 10 pieces only!) - all to be thrown away after a few weeks.


We offer the grand voyageur [xl] or [pocket] including embossing in regular and gold.

And we offer packaging embossing in gold!


We really believe in the idea of gifts that last a lifetime. We hope you do too.

You can request a quote for free here, but ofcourse you can reach out to us directly, simply by emailing to