Nice to meet you! I am Anna. 

I'd like to share a little story with you about discovering your courage, finding your motivation and unlocking your creative potential.

Working at paper republic got me out of my comfort zone. This dynamic, inspiring environment, full of beautiful materials and lovely colleagues, is what sparked my love for all things analogue and made me start my creative journey.

I started planning things on paper rather than on my phone, jotting down notes, thoughts and lists in my beautiful grand voyageur [pocket], which I now always carry with me.

I soon felt the need to take my new love for paper and writing even further. So I started something completely new to me: Calligraphy! (See one of my latest experiments above 😃) For this, I found the perfect companion:

A grand voyageur [xl] leather notebook, equipped with a drawing book. The silky smooth 150 g/m² mixed media paper is ideal for my calligraphy practise, no matter what kind of pen I use!

This is only the beginning of my creative journey, but with my beautiful leather journals and paper refills by my side, I know I will have the courage and the will to persevere and unlock my full creative potential!

I hope this inspires you to begin your own creative journey, experiment and try out new things! You'll be surprised to see how far it can take you.

Until next time! Yours sincerely,



EACO (Everything Administrative & Customisation Officer)

PS: I almost forgot! Have you heard about our customisation service? We can emboss your logo on our leather journals and accessories. To know more, click here or contact me directly at!