meet Ranee

paper republic community’s and partners’ best friend

flexibility and peace of mind: the perfect travelling duo

Hi there, it's Ranee!

If you follow our social media channels, you might recognise me. Alongside Lea, I manage our social media, coordinate with global partner shops, lead team l'atelier and even host our tv show on YouTube!

“That sounds like a lot!” you might say, to which I would reply: My journey with paper republic journey has grown incredibly since meeting Jérôme in 2015. And so did my leather companion collection along this awesome adventure with paper republic, and you.

So today I am very excited to introduce you to a part of my paper republic collection that I use daily for all my different activities.

my specialised leather journals

Organising myself around the many facets of my life, and my job at paper republic, can prove to be challenging sometimes. That’s why I use multiple leather journals daily, each dedicated to a specific part of my life.

Allow me to introduce my three main leather companions:

my daily companion

My 2-year old black grand voyageur [xl] and its double, pink and red, ribbon is my main work companion. It follows me everywhere and its format makes it perfect as I can easily add almost any notebook. This includes unique finds like the Pokémon monthly planner I found in Japan. Check it out here!

I also use a Dybdahl book refill for meeting notes, a 2024 planner and a clip pocket to store various items and my business cards. Its now soft and shiny patina along with its lovely colour theme makes it a pleasure to open every day!

for on-the-go

For travel, I rely on the compact grand voyageur [pocket] in venezia. I can easily carry it around wherever I go and use it to safely store my passport. It fits refills for my notes and a clip pocket to store cash, transport tickets and other small items.

my unique companion

I recently took the opportunity at one of our workshops to craft myself a unique companion for my global adventures. I used this portfolio [a6] and its unique colour combination when visiting Itoya, our partner in Japan. It carries a simple notebook for notes and a city guide to plan my visits.

And with all its pockets, I can store everything additional: pens, travels passes and souvenirs. This is the perfect companion for your journeys around the world!

a leather companion for everything

I find leather to be an extremely pleasant and lively material, with its distinctive fragrance and soft touch. To restrict its use to leather journals would be an enormous missed opportunity, wouldn’t it? I agree and for these reasons, I surround myself with other leather companions in my daily routine.

A personal favourite of mine is the rustic rose le square, which I've cherished for over two and a half years. This is such a simple, yet essential, item of my everyday carry that fits my cards and cash neatly. I literally can’t go anywhere without it!
And the cherry on top: from carrying it everyday with me, it developed an stunning and gorgeous patina, as you can see for youself.

My le sleeve laptop case is never far away either. It brings peace of mind, knowing that my computer is well protected with a durable leather case, lined with a soft loden. And with its magnetic closing system, I don’t have to fear my laptop falling out of it. In short: a perfect travel companion, combining protection and aesthetics!

ready for the next adventure

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of my cherished paper republic collection. I can’t wait to share more of it with you on our socials.

I'd love to see the latest additions to your collection too - share them with me and let's explore the stories behind each unique piece!

See you soon,


Head of Sales