When you own a precious item, you want it to maintain its condition forever. You take pride in giving the object all the care and attention required to preserve its value. You go the extra mile to keep it in perfect working order.

Many people take this approach to maintaining expensive jewellery, but why wouldn't you apply the same thought process to looking after your leather journal? We've outlined some leather care tips to help keep your favourite Paper Republic journal in fantastic condition.

Why is leather journal maintenance important?

Journals contain a collection of memories that are precious to us. We use our journals to write about places we've travelled to, to explore the feelings and emotions we have lived through, and to reminisce about the good times of days gone by.

A high-quality journal is something to be protected and preserved. Think about it like this: if you're proud of the car you own, you wash it regularly. Keeping your journal in good shape is just as important, because a journal contains something intangible and undeniably personal to us - our memories.

The beauty of a leather journal is that each one will develop unique characteristics over time. The texture and feel of your journal will be completely unique to you. However, you should still take care to protect the leather and prevent any damage by using the following leather care tips.

How to care for leather

  • Keep your leather journal out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.
  • Wipe away dust from the leather with a non-abrasive, dry cloth on a weekly basis.
  • Try to avoid the leather coming into contact with water. If your leather journal becomes wet, let it air at room temperature - never dry it on a radiator or near a fire.
  • Do not use soap or any other chemicals on leather - these can remove natural oils from the product. Wipe any stains or dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Use a specialist cream to keep the leather hydrated (these usually contain beeswax to help protect the leather).

Leather care tips

In addition, there are a couple of other simple things you can do to preserve the condition of your leather journal.

For example, when putting your leather journal in your bag or purse, place it with care and ensure it doesn't come into contact with sharp or pointed objects that could damage the leather.

You should also take care not to overfill your leather product, as stretching the leather can cause it to lose its shape.

In summary, to maintain the leather of your notebook:

  • Keep the leather out of sunlight
  • Keep the leather dry
  • Keep the journal away from sharp objects
  • Do not overfill your leather product
  • Wipe away dust on a regular basis
  • Never use soap or chemicals to clean leather - only use a specialist cream

Start looking after the leather of your journal today

Learning about leather notebook care is an important part of maintaining your product's pristine condition, and taking note of the steps in this article will undoubtedly help your journal retain its beauty.

At Paper Republic, we also stock a specialist leather cream for use on all our products. Containing beeswax and other natural oils, the cream helps to hydrate the leather on your notebooks and accessories, without causing any unwanted damage to the material.