Hello there,

Do you also sometimes find yourself dreaming about the perfect, versatile and elegant companion that will make your everyday life easier? 
For a long time, so did we - which is why we have created the beautiful, the beloved... le portfolio!
I'm sure you've cought a glimpse of le portfolio in its various sizes and colours before. No matter if you've been using yours for a long time already, or if you're still pondering over which one suits you best, today I will take you on a small behind-the-scenes tour of our workshop and show you exactly how these leather gems are made. 

Meet today's tourguide, head of the production team and mastermind behind our portfolio series, Steffi. As you know, every one of these premium leather portfolios is handcrafted in our workshop in Vienna, and each piece is given all the time and attention it deserves. Steffi will guide us through this detailed production process, step by step. 

After having carefully removed the fragrant, vegetable-tanned leather hides from their trestles, it's time for some heavy metal! Steffi takes her place at the punching machine and, using punching irons, she punches out every single piece of leather that goes into le portfolio - from the leather covers to the inner pockets and compartments.

Once all the single pieces of leather are ready, it's time to assemble them. In this long (and loud!) process, the inside compartments are sewn in, the edges are stiched together, and le portfolio slowly starts taking shape.

After the sewing and a well deserved coffee break, Steffi goes on to the next crucial step: the edge finish. She carefully sands down, polishes and burnishes the edges of each portfolio, ensuring that they stay strong and don't wear out, and giving each piece the elegant finish they deserve.

And now for the final touch: one by one, each leather cover is embossed by hand with our logo and - who knows - maybe your own initials?

We can emboss your portfolio with up to three letters in standard or in gold. Choose your colour, pick your size, and get your handmade, personalised leather portfolio!

Our le portfolio is now available in three different sizes and in different colours of our stunning, fragrant leather. Bring all your daily essentials together and add all the refills you need in your portfolio with the matching ribbon kit.

Want to know more about how to personalise and add more refills to your le portfolio? Watch this little video to find out.

Our portfolios are in high demand! If your favourite one is ever out of stock, just keep in mind: it might be in the process of being cut, sewn or polished, but rest assured that it is being crafted with the highest amount of of love and care, and that it will soon be available again, ready to bring style and organisation into your life.

Warm greetings from Vienna,