I often feel a pang of nostalgia when I go for a walk and see people of all ages glued to their screens. We've become so reliant on smartphones and social media that it seems not an hour passes without looking at a screen. I long for the days before devices dominated our every waking hour.

With new studies showing that lots of screen time can negatively impact our mental health, I believe we can improve our well-being by enjoying little analogue moments.

There are several ways to truly unwind simply by reaching out for a pen and paper.  

I summarized my personal top 5 analogue summer moments which make me feel happy and balanced. 

#1 Capturing summer memories in a drawing

I can't think of anything more relaxing than sitting outside on a hot summer night, sketching in my drawing book while enjoying a cold drink. I learned to sometimes step away from life filtered through a camera and rather attempt to catch a memory with pencil and paper. 


#2 Getting ready for trips and other adventures

Whether I travel to the next town over or to the other side of the world, packing my travel essentials are part of my voyage ritual. I like to sit down and collect my entrance tickets and travel documents inside my portfolio. I often use a ribbon set to add a few new refills for the trip. New adventures require new notebooks, don't you think?


#3 Picking up on (bullet) journaling 

I find journaling a useful way to organise my life and ideas. In summer I have more time to prepare a bullet journal. Throughout the sunny months my bullet journal becomes a colourful companion and a sacred place where I can reflect on my accomplishments and happy moments. 


#4 Making future plans and bucket lists

There is something about summer that makes me sink deep into day dreams. I use different kinds of refills to write about places I want to travel to, adventures I want to make, new sports I want to try and personal goals I set for myself. Some far away dreams I write down in my journal, other more concrete plans I like to write down in a (timeless) planner

Pro tip: Studies show that writing down your goals makes them much more likely to happen. I once wrote down I wanted to join the paper republic team, and voila! 😉 


#5 Giving my leather journal a good rub

Rubbing leather wax onto leather has such as therapeutic effect on me. Yes sure, it's a great way to keep my journal in pristine shape, but I actually do it because I enjoy the smell. Some people like the scent of sunscreen in summer, I prefer a whiff of leather after a good le baume pour cuir rub.


Whether you're looking to reduce the stress in your life, seeking to boost your memory, or even looking for creative inspiration, I believe there are many ways to reconnect with yourself by the simple use of a pen and a notebook

Every minute of your day counts. Make it worthwhile. Enjoy life. Have a wonderful summer.